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Barnes set on cottagers


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Giles Barnes says he has set his heart on joining Premier League Fulham.

The 20-year-old is on loan from Derby County but has yet to make a first-team appearance.

Heel and knee injuries have restricted him to outings for the reserves.

“I’ve not played yet but I’ve worked on my fitness with behind-close-doors games and reserve-team games,” Barnes told Fulham’s official website.

“It’s been a big frustration not to play but there’s eight games left so there’s still time.”

The midfielder added: "I’ve set my heart on staying with Fulham. If they want to extend my stay I’d be very happy to do so.

“It would be disappointing to go back, because I believe I can play at this level.”

Barnes doesnt want to come back but would Fulham want to keep him? you only have to look at the amount of games he has played over the last couple of seasons to see how injury prone he is. I have a feeling we'l have a unhappy Barnes on our hands next season.
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Originally posted by vicky-27;8023

I don't think they will want to keep him - and a lot of fans don't want him back here - imagine if Mears came back as well - the boo boy that sits near me will loose his voice - hope it's not one of you lot :eek:

Not me lol....


But most people know what i look like from away games, you tend not to miss a headband lol.

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That would depend on Barnes getting and staying fit, if he doesn't play any part in the remaining 8 games will Fulham take a chance on him considering his injury record?

I have no problem with Barnes wanting to better himself and play at a higher level thats only natural, although maybe he could of shown Derby a little bit more respect instead of saying “It would be disappointing to go back, because I believe I can play at this level.â€Â

Has he shown he is capable of playing in the Premiership whilst at Derby? I'd say no, he might believe it but it's time he showed it and that means staying fit for a season.

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He's Telling The Truth Though

It Would Probably Be Dissapointing To Come Back

Especially Considering When We Need 2 More Seasons To Build A Good Squad

And He Said In All Past Interviews How Good This Club Was, Cant Expect It From Every Single Interview

It's A Fulham FC & Giles BARNES Interview, Not A DCFC One

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