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Athletic subscription renewal


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Has anyone else tried to renew yet? 

I paid £30 last year and have really enjoyed reading the articles. I think Ryan Conway is very good.

I have been sent a renewal notice at £60 so wrote to ask for a discount. Given that my monthly income is now £0 I cannot justify paying the full price. Especially as they have recently been advertising new subscriptions at just £1 per month.

They aren't at all interested in negotiating and after only two emails have cancelled my subscription for me! 

Disappointed,  wondering if anyone else has a better experience?

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Yeah, I also cancelled. I think for £30 it's good value for money but £60 in one go? Rather save up and use that money for an away day when we get normality back.

I really like the idea and want to support it, but they haven't got the pricing right yet.

They were very helpful with the refund with me.

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