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17 Played. How do we compare?


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I enjoyed watching vydra. I didn't really enjoy watching the team.

doubts started after rotherham away last game of 16-17, poor performance, reluctance to play will hughes, awful interview.

doubts reinforced by the decision to sell will hughes, but generally kept schtum. 

Concerned by 1-1 brentord away, 24% possession v brentford?!?

Disappointed with last 15 minutes v man utd away in the cup, negative sub, failure to attack.

first half of the season was good results wise. Second half was poor. Sunderland 1-4, and burton away 1-3 were low points.

The super new contract for growett bothered me. Signing cameron jerome bothered me. Dropping vydra bothered me.

Fulham in the play offs was the most inept set up since Malmo v forest. 

Glad when the manager left despite the further uncertainty. Wouldn't have renewed my ST were it not for Mel's offer.

Initially slightly bemused by the appointment of frank.

won over immediately by the absolutely amazing transformation evident v notts county in pre-season.

pleased to see bryson back.

We know that we will lose some games. We know that there will be highs and lows but for the first time in many many years i have total faith that we have the right manager, the right chairman, the right assistant manager, chief exec, tea lady etc etc. 

Financially its still difficult for us without resolving the tv revenues, but i look forward to games, love RamsTV, and understand that there is no magic wand.



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