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carling cup final


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ive turned it off cos the ref's giving utd everything.

vidic should have been sent off in the penalty incident.

downings done 1 foul and got booked whereas that utd fullback the twin has done 2 or 3 after the other and the ref calls him over and just talks to him!!

he couldnt get his yellow card out quick enough to book downing!!

come on villa stuff em for us :mad:

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rooney been very good since he came on

the refs been poor to be fair, thought it was a red card too

i agree with you rams-71

i also think they should post the refs league table, to see who is supposedly the best

had a bet on villa bit disapointed really thought they would do utd today

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vidic should have gone end of but after fergies comments last time this ref reffed their game at fulham where he sent 2 manure players off he obviously has that in the back of his mind feckin joke manure gettin the better of the refs decisions again and that offside near the end was never off side either cheating barstewards :mad:

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