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Laura went to see it, she thought it was alright. The storyline sounded abit crappy to me when she told me I must admit. I'm not into those kind of films tho, give me a Bruce Willis taking on 20 men anyday.

I don't want to give much away but the storyline was a bit weak and already done with cheesy stereotypical characters but the CGI effects were mint and that made the film amazing.

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ive seen it twice once in 3d and once in 2d and tbh its a great film and i love the CGI but the storyline is dreadfull and doesnt live upto the expectations really

the storyline has big holes in it but in general I think its good, James Cameron made it for 3D not a 2D film turned into 3D so I think he has spent more time on the effects rather than the story!

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wooooah hold on!

sin city was fecking awsome! but then ive read the comics so loved the style

and i aint seen avatar, ive heard the story is practicly similar to titanic, obviously with out the big boat sinking

and i dont care how good the 3d is aslong as the story is good, why you gotta love toy story!

toy story 3 comes out in june, really cant wait!

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