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Current Injury 'Issue'


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I did a thread on this last season but again I believe it has more of an effect than people have realized/ alluded too so far.

We currently have 8 professional players on our books who are of first team quality that are currently unable to influence anything. Looking at the bench vs Burton it didnt leave much to the imagination I didnt feel there was anyone there that would likely make an impact apart from Wilson or Camara and low and behold they did nothing anyway.

We have out:

Thorne, Hendrick, Johnson, Hanson, Forsyth, Weimann, Bennett, Zanzala

Out of those ones listed I feel 4 (Thorne, Hendrick, Forsyth, Weimann) would be starting if they were fully fit thats over 1/3 of the team we are potentially missing. I agree that the players currently are not performing but they are hardly under much competition especially especially in midfield and attack.

It just a thought it was worth pointing out as I dont want to use it as an excuse but we seem pretty unfortunate to have such a lengthy injury list. I feel that this is having a further effect on the poor performances thus far.

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