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Panorama - Joint Enterprise


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Anyone watching? didn't even realise this law existed, basically if your there when a crime is committed you can still get locked up. One lad was with 2 mates who beat a man to death although he didn't personally touch him, yet was jailed for murder under the joint enterprise law, not sure what I think about this law, seems harsh but then again if your there shouldn't you do something to stop the crime being committed.

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when its mates, i can kinda see it... standing by watching people commit a crime that you could at least try and stop is almost as bad as doing it yourself...

so long as the law doesnt apply to passing strangers... otherwise you'd be faced with the choice of being jailed for not stopping an assult/murder, or being another of the victims... or being jailed for assulting the original attacker...

maybe its safer to stay inside

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