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CONFIDENCE "feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or somethin


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Moaning and groaning when a Derby player doesn't see or doesn't make a pass is going to have absolutely no positive effect or impact on the player or the game. It is highly likely that this gesture will have a negative impact, most likely affecting confidence depending which player it is aimed at. Confidence is something that can criple the most talented and gifted sports person. It can criple a team that has or has shown signs of success.

It really angers and dissapoints me that many fans can't understand and tolerate the way Clement wants his team to play and crave the former ways of Mr McLaren. 

With patience I see positive results but I don't see much sign of patience.

This is not going to end well and fans will have played a big part!

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Very good to raise the issue of confidence.

Presumably a run of wins would restore it.

But as wins should be far easier to achieve in the Championship than in the Premier League, how will we survive when we get there if confidence is so fragile now? It doesn't fill me with confidence.

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I personally think that the supporters have never had any real confidence in this side, even when it was playing well. It really stuck out for me when there was talk of a sense of nervousness around the stadium when we played Reading at the start of January, which has came off of the back of nothing worse than a run of 1 win in 3 (with the defeat coming away to the top of the league). The quote Any society is only three square meals away from a revolution” is sometimes ascribed to Leon Trotsky and it seems for Derby's support it's only three bad results. There has been nothing but drama, complaining, finger pointing and over reactions among the support since the Reading game less than a month ago. I can't talk to how much things affect the players -  as much as there's the ad nauseam argument between football fans as to how much of an effect the supporters do have - but the wave of negativity around the club points to a lack of belief in the convictions of the ownership, management and playing staff.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm cautious of Mel Morris (I don't like the self publishing nature and I felt the sacking of McClaren was oddly timed and questionably handled, if understandable), Paul Clement (I don't like it when "ambitious" clubs appoint managers with no proven experience in a head coach/managing role, and the style of football he seems to be trying to implement isn't my cup of tea) and some of the players (the fact is, a fair few of them have failed twice and seem to be failing again) but the 180 degree turnaround some supporters have made on the surface of what could easily have, initially at least, been called a blip points to what  think it's fair to call an inherent paranoia or lack of belief among the supporters in what the club is trying to do and who is trying to do.

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