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  1. This is a brilliant analysis and the constructive suggestions are spot on. A Moderator ought to send it to Frank to avoid what I fear will happen - he will stick to his game plan but tell them to execute it better. This would be madness. Leeds prevented us playing out from the back, and we have no one up front - except Forsyth in his prime - who can win the header with the accuracy and consistency needed to exploit the 'kick and hope' long ball from Roos or the centre halves. Bielsa also negated one of our main strengths which is Keogh's ability to win defensive headers. It was hardly ever called upon because Leeds played fast balls through us on the ground. So we need numbers, speed and tenacity in midfield. We have our own Kante lurking in the wrong place - put Evans alongside Keogh in a back three (perhaps with Wisdom instead of Bogle) and release Tomori into midfield. Fikayo has the pace, passion, tackling tenacity, football brain and forward passing ability to snuff out Leeds attacks before they reach our 18 yard box. He'd be worth two Johnsons, who was also negated because Leeds played triangles around him. Complete the midfield with Cole and we have a Chelsea midfield of Mount, Tomori and Cole plus our new Archie Gemmill (wee Duane) and Wilson. Marriott and Lawrence would then get the service they need starting from inside Leeds own half when we consistently press high up the pitch as Cool As Custard suggests. Whether this succeeds or not, we have nothing to lose with this aggressive 3-5-2 and English Frank just might torpedo Argie Bielsa's ship.
  2. angieram, you are wasted on here! I think you should be seconded to be RK's taxi driver, visit the players' families regularly as a fans' ambassador (and make sure Harry is not messing up Mason's kitchen) and sit next to Frank on the bench on matchdays to keep him on the right lines! As for the ladies loos...!
  3. Hear hear! This isn't to malign Stanleyhouse's motivation in being so splendid, but what about our supporters bonding with fellow supporters of the two founding clubs, and avoiding aggressive chants such as 'who are you' and 'what's the score' and 'you only sing when you're winning'? Whoever wins, our fans have a golden opportunity to stand tall and win respect for appreciating our shared history. In other words, rise above the conditions which seem a mini-version of the BBG, and acknowledge how well Accrington has done to resurrect its club. Shouldn't be too many of the prawn sandwich brigade there who deserve to be derided, let alone anyone who mistakes mushy peas for guacamole. Proper supporters unite!
  4. You know what will happen next, don't you? Leeds will be deducted sufficient points to miss out on automatic promotion and climb back only to 3rd by the end of the season. We will remain 6th. We will face each other twice again, in the play-offs. In preparation, Mel will organise a drone spying mission over our training ground as a practice run for it to be flown over Leeds'. B4, ever the enthusisast and thinking the drone is from Leeds, will arrange for his connections at the drug squad to shoot it down, Over the two legs, two players from each side will receive red cards. Frank will be sent to the stands for unsportingly kicking Bielsa's tub from beneath him. Bielsa will steer clear of all controversy by replacing his current translator who allegedly speaks English, with one who ceratinly speaks none at all. Oh, and the results will be that the winner loses at Wembley to the other winning semi-finalist so that we can play Leeds twice again next season. By then, Bielsa will have been replaced by Nigel Clough, who lasts only 44 days because he upsets the players by telling them to throw all their dirty tricks in the bin.
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