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  1. The wisdom, maturity and common-sense evident in this thread is a tribute to the forum. A broadsheet could and should turn the contributions of these members into a full page article. It would be a great comment on society, of which football is an illuminating microcosm.
  2. Well angieram, that must be about the best post-match analysis I have ever read on this forum. Insightful and constructive and very uplifting. And beautifully written - a quality which in these days of text messages and othe social media rubbish (including this forum sometimes) is sadly overlooked. You should be in the dug-out, or on the Board and at the very least writing for the DET. A Moderator should send it to Mel and Cocu please. It's wasted on here.
  3. Whatever happens with Frank and the Dutch, this forum has made a fantastic contribution to the saga. How could we have coped without the news, thinking, insights, humour and emotions displayed on here? At various times recently I have attempted to read the Chelsea fans' forum. Like many other forums, it's not a patch on ours for structure, layout or content. This Forum must be World Class! Thanks moderators and fellow Rams. And Mel for representing our interests so impressively. COYR
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