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  1. Half fan

    Jody Morris

    Did anyone notice Jody's asides to Frank and facial expressions last night? Slightly worrying? Was it Shay Given and not Jody who was giving instructions to our substitutes before they came on. Was Jody even sitting nest to Frank? Can't have been easy for Jody given what HE achieved for Chelsea, to see and hear the Frank love-in. We can only guess at the Frank-Jody relationship, but maybe we should start singing 'Frank and Jody, the new Clough and Taylor'?
  2. Half fan

    Tom Huddlestone Appreciation Thread

    He shares Will's ability to shift the ball forwards accurately so quickly that it's on its way almost before he's received it. And they're both 'one of our own'. Have we a third one lurking in the younger ranks? Can't rely on buying another Eranio.
  3. Half fan

    Jody Morris

    Where was BC without Peter Taylor? Leeds for only 44 days. Where was PT without Brian Clough? Brighton. What happened at Forest when PT rejoined BC? Unfortunately, quite a few miracles. Football's a team game in every sense of the word. This won't have been overlooked by our new Clough/Taylor pair. Nor by our Chairman, on whose relationship with Frank I suspect Frank's longevity with us rests. Frank might just think that Mel is a better Chairman and Owner for his and Jody's aspirations than whoever owns Chelsea and sits on its Board calling the shots. We fans too have a role in keeping Frank and Jody and co here - to attend matches, and support vociferously whatever happens on the pitch because we clearly have a brilliant management team playing real football which is entertaining and with the potential to be very successful. It's a funny old game. A bit like life.
  4. Half fan

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Last season I went to Pride Park to see the 1-1 draw with the Blades. It was one of the worst, most boring and depressing matches I have ever seen. Rowett's tactics put me off, to put it mildly, so that was the last game I attended last season. What a contrast with yesterday. Had we drawn or lost, I would still have thought what a fabulous game it was. And admired DCFC's management from top to bottom as to how it is transforming our once-great club forwards into something to be enjoyed and proud of. Bringing back the glory days, if only as yet in reputation. A Brexit analogy springs to mind. Snake Rowett = Theresa May. Who will be the UK's Uncle Mel/Frank to dig our great country out of the hole she has dug us into? There, that should provoke a response.
  5. Half fan

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Here's what happened to Harry Storer's motto on the wall of the changing room at the Baseball Ground "the biggest crime in football is to give the ball to the opposition" Clement added a heading "Tippy tappy makes me happy" and took it with him to Swansea and Reading. And soon to his next club in the Conference.
  6. Frank has said he wants three things, all of which Leeds proved he's spot on to seek. 1. Rams to press as a team in the opposition's half when we do not have the ball, so as to win the ball back quickly and prevent the opposition attacking. 2. Rams to play out fast from the back. 3. Rams to vary the form of attack between fast on the ground forward short passes and longer accurate over the top passes to turn the opposition's defence and provide variety so the opposition does not know what to expect. Leeds did all of this brilliantly. They stopped us getting out of defence. Their short or long passes were quickly executed and invariably superbly accurate to fellow unmarked players or into the gaping spaces we had left for them to run into. We did none of it. Ineffective piece-meal pressing. Same old square ponderous passes across the back line. Wisdom taking ages for a hopeless throw-in which then led to a Leeds attack. Our long balls to a tightly marked Waghorn, or hit and hope for the inevitable Leeds rapid counter attack. So Leeds did Frank a big favour - they proved that what he wants is absolutely correct - it wins games and wins over the fans with such exciting play. The problem is whether he has the players to implement it, despite nine recruits not all whom - inevitably - will turn up trumps. Good luck Frank, and stick to your tactics.
  7. Beneath our euphoria at the influx of new players, I sense some apprehension that it might be counter-productive. So I offer two scenarios to assess the impact of the influx. First scenario. A team has been playing nice football, doing well, generating good crowds and very nearly achieving promotion. But the owner is so keen on promotion that he tries in quick succession a variety of managerial types, with the brief that they do whatever is necessary to succeed. A few new players are brought in to add to the tight-knit old guard. The new managers bring some 'baggage' which hampers them (such as no previous managerial experience or a few involuntary P45s on their CVs) such that when events on or off the field conspire against these managers, the old guard succeed in shifting the blame for their inadequacies onto the soon-to-depart managers. The vicious spiral of failure continues, and a disgruntled fan base either boos or votes with its feet. A weak owner might at this stage give up and sell, having tried so many options and wasted very publicly so much of his money and time. Second scenario. A new manager arrives, albeit with no managerial experience but with just about the biggest halo in English football. He shrewdly surrounds himself with a premier backroom staff. He and his No 2 are a reversal of the Clough and Taylor roles but with the same combination of essential ingredients. He talks the talk big-time. Everyone falls in love with him. He has 110% support from the owner for whom it is the last throw of the dice. More importantly, the owner has cleared the backroom decks of all impediments to a clear and straightforward relationship with his brave and inspired choice of manager. Whilst praising the old guard, Halo-man then recruits virtually a full team of his own choosing such that for the first time the old-guard is neutered. Moreover he promises a style of football which not only excites everyone but also indicates that the new-guard is far more likely to implement it than the old-guard. The sheer number of new players is the key to his likely success, for many reasons. The new-guard needs to settle, but it has some powerful motivations to bond it together; the old-guard has to fit in or depart, as the boot is now on the other foot so to speak; the new team has the pace and youth and energy and intensity and ambition to achieve the fast aggressive attacking football with and without the ball which has not before been tried; and the very number of new players will buy time for Halo-man whatever the results if all the stakeholders enjoy the ride. Which we are. I hope this settles any apprehensions about the current upheaval. We are witnessing no half-measures in objective, vision, or implementation. We are a lucky bunch - but then we deserve it of course for our dogged loyalty!
  8. Hasn't Frank just done what Nigel Pearson was supposed to do? Frank's statement that he'd 'watched lots of Derby performances last season' now takes on a whole new meaning. If we are reeling, what must the old guard be feeling? Less euphoric than us, probably. Tenerife must have been merely a 'thank you for trying ' holiday for them. Rowett won't be shaking hands anytime soon with Mel 'no money for new signings' Morris. If Mel bursts into our dressing room now, he'll think he's in the wrong room as he won't recognise anyone. Isn't this a bit over the top to keep Leeds guessing about our team on Saturday?
  9. Half fan

    Scott Malone - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I know this is a daft question, but can he stop crosses coming in and defend when they do?
  10. Half fan

    Plan B needed or not?

    That was impressive! Only took Frank 45 minutes to implement Plan B. And it worked better than Plan A, as well as facilitating Plan A by making Reading's defenders uncertain and creating some space for Plan A. Well done Frank and Jody!
  11. Half fan

    Plan B needed or not?

    To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton, every action causes a reaction. I still recall watching us beat Wolves 5 nil in 2014. Schteve called it a perfect performance. But when opponents worked out how to stop us, we lost badly and this forum was full of suggested Plan Bs. They never materialised under Schteve. Today's performance will cause the same 'stop the Rams' planning by other managers. So do we think Frank's players and tactics are so good, that like Manchester City, we cannot be stopped, making Plan B unnecessary? Or is Frank so good (and the players good enough) that we will have a number of ways of playing such that opponents will not know how to set up against us? This will be what makes the season interesting - promotion could depend on the answer!

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