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  1. What a brilliant post-match interview. "The players have to believe in each other the way I believe in them". Contrast after another snatched win with Frank's "I bloody love Mason Bennett". I know it's early days and we are only top for the past six games, but I'm seeing signs that our leader is a shrewd and inspirational and rightfully demanding Wayne "Fergie" Rooney.
  2. Rooney has hereby sent a message to all existing and potential DCFC players that the hairdryer is plugged in and will always be used if need be. Well done boss Wayne! He will only tolerate good apples in the barrel, in the best interests of all the good apples. Also sends a message to the Board.
  3. Jody Morris is the right manager. If you study what's happening at Chelsea, it's possible Jody is not too enamoured. His credentials over Rooney, Terry and many other names in the hat, speak for themselves. More than anyone, he can hit the ground running. Surely he would have everyone's respect, help continue Phil's youth programme, and play the attacking, pressing game which Frank favoured, and by the sounds of it, the players favour when they are sufficiently fit. If Mr Morris is still in charge of selecting the manager, Mr Morris is the answer.
  4. The main thing to look forward to will be the contest between two of the highest profile rival scousers in the land. Neither of whom speak English as well as our Phil.
  5. Now we know why Cocu's interview after the Cardiff game was so 'off fthe boil" and depressing. His ace card of the cost of dismissing him and his pals, is going up in the smoke of a Middle East oil well. All that will remain will be for him to laugh all the way to the bank. Not really what motivates such a decent man. But it will make a chnage for a gentleman to be well-paid, and some compensation for the honourable prime current recipient of the DCFC curse.
  6. Hear hear! I associate a lot with" one of our own", such as Knight, Buchanan, Sibley et al. Seeing their past and future success is all part of the tribalism of being a true club fan. I think the same of Fergie's band of youngsters - what an achievement by ManU. Almost made me like that wretched club. But lashing a foreigner's millions on imports will not be the same. Those of us who are apprehensive about this takeover, are worried about our club's soul being sold.
  7. He who pays the piper, calls the tune.
  8. Let's hope he's not already in the next office!
  9. Happy Birthday Phillip! Only another 50 years to go to fulfil your brief of implementing a stable long-term plan for DCFC.
  10. In the last two games, the loss of four points which we on balance deserved, could be attributed mainly to the manager's lack of ambition and drive in the second half of each match. Taking off the two wing backs tonight must have impacted adversely on the team's positivity and its confidence that it could score the much-needed second goal. HIs post-match interview with Radio Derby tonight was worryingly not the best and made me wonder what is being said to him and lined up behind the scenes. Remember how John Major's convenient toothache led to him becoming Prime Minister. I hope I a
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