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  1. Half fan

    Plan B needed or not?

    To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton, every action causes a reaction. I still recall watching us beat Wolves 5 nil in 2014. Schteve called it a perfect performance. But when opponents worked out how to stop us, we lost badly and this forum was full of suggested Plan Bs. They never materialised under Schteve. Today's performance will cause the same 'stop the Rams' planning by other managers. So do we think Frank's players and tactics are so good, that like Manchester City, we cannot be stopped, making Plan B unnecessary? Or is Frank so good (and the players good enough) that we will have a number of ways of playing such that opponents will not know how to set up against us? This will be what makes the season interesting - promotion could depend on the answer!
  2. Half fan

    Blackpool fan here help needed please the petition

    Done. I was a 'sandgrownun' in the 1950s and 1960s. Stood on the Spion Kop (for a tanner?) and saw Sir Stan, Alan Ball, Emlyn Hughes, 'the best right back in Europe', Ray Charnley, Tony Waiters, Jackie Mudie and a few others I forget, who would get us into the Premier League now. Good luck The Seasiders, my second team. Can't wait for someone to point out that I can't claim to be a 'sandgrownun'!
  3. Half fan

    GReat manager?

    GR's latest interview in which he explains his new thinking on the advantages of changing the team from one match to another, is impressive. Add this to his recruitment track record, his undoubted communication skills, his sense of humour beneath which lies more of a fist to be respected and feared than Schteve exhibited, and I hope we are blessed with someone rather special in charge. Consequently he has built a squad and not merely a team. Given the controversy which rages at many clubs about the pros and cons of 'squad rotation', this is some achievement. And it's a squad for opponents to fear and respect on the pitch, rather than merely appreciate its Hughes/Ince skills which proved insufficent to achieve promotion. Maybe too, Mel's removal of SR has facilitated the vital Owner Chairman/Manager direct relationship which has enabled and given room for GR's strengths to flourish. In which case, we are also now blessed with the right man at the very top too! Discuss!
  4. I'll never forget a smiling JR hauling Uwe Rosler up off the touchline whilst the Wigan player who knocked his boss down simply walked away. Almost compensated for the unexpected defeat. Good luck Johnny!

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