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  1. I dunno mate, Clement, Pearson, Rowett....
  2. Not a legend in my eyes, but has been a committed servant during an interesting but ultimately fruitless period in the club’s history. i also think he’ll play for Derby again as if anyone is going to come back from an ACL (is it confirmed that’s what it is?) at 33, it’ll be him.
  3. That is fair. It’s usually the fans bringing disgrace on Notts Forest.
  4. Yeah. 10 places higher and 20 more points. —- Come at me with your negative emojis.
  5. I don’t think they should be fired. However, I hope they are appropriately prosecuted and, if that means jail time, so be it. I find it hard to dismiss this as “people make mistakes” as I don’t believe any kind of drink driving can be dismissed as a mistake - it’s basic common sense, especially for two adult men. However, I don’t think people in more traditional jobs should be fired for drink driving incidents involving no fatalities, so it should be the same for footballers. However, as individuals in the public eye I do think the law should be more severe in any community service they have to carry out in addition to any time they may or may not have to serve. Disappointed in the both of them, especially considering players under performing to the degree that they are would have better things to do mid week than drive around hammered.
  6. The Newcastle game was the 6th game of the season; the winless streak was pretty much September onwards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007–08_Derby_County_F.C._season#Results
  7. This is definitely true, and @Rampard should consider seeing if anyone is kind enough to help him out. I've had lots of stuff sent to me here in Japan by family and by companies, and even when it's the same item companies seem to magically find a more expensive option (though presumably a lot of that is to do with insurance).
  8. Remember when people unironically called Savage a “Derby Legend”? Single handedly made me despise the use of the word.
  9. I'm cautiously optimistic about this season, though I do worry we might miss out on a play-off campaign.... First place goes up automatically 😉
  10. Didn't Johnson (along with Butterfield and Blackman) sign one year extensions on less money at the start of 2018/19, though? In that case Johnson would have been on less that 35k right? At least I hope the guy wasn't pulling that much AFTER a wage reduction.
  11. Lampard's brighter moments outshone Rowett, sure. But ultimately, they both did nothing more than oversaw failed playoff campaigns in which they hamstrung us by not starting our best strikers in crucial moments - and Lampard only bought Marriott on when he did because of injury. Maybe "unmemorable" is unfair, but taking away the pure emotion of that 45 minutes at Leeds, there isn't that much difference. Plus Rowett never lost to Forest.
  12. Frank is just a footnote now. No more special or memorable than Gary Rowett was.
  13. I reacted with the clapping emoji because it was the closest one to praying hands...
  14. Agreed. Lampard really pulled the wool over the eyes of some with his rhetoric about how this was "his" club. I don't see how any Derby fan could hold any respect for him and his mediocre achievements here after this saga.
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