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  1. Oh goodness, no. Not at all. If it were up to me, McClaren wouldn’t have been sacked even though we had made a complete pig’s ear of that campaign - it started the “hire’n’fire” run that left us in the FPP shaped hole we’re in now. I was being flippant and just saying it’s not something Morris doesn’t have previous in, though it does seem he is much more level headed over football matters now than he was even just three years ago.
  2. I mean, Morris essentially did this to McClaren....
  3. Fair enough, I’m sure you have merged some stuff that I haven’t noticed (due to the time difference I’m rarely on her at what I would imagine are key posting times). I certainly can see you point regarding topics which are more focused on specific aspects rather than the issue as a whole, though I think 8 out of the top 10 are related to the Lampard saga - though I guess, as you say, there is little else to talk about. would be nice for Derby to have a quiet summer for once!
  4. Not to criticise the mods, as I think they do a very good job overall, but I would have merged/locked a lot of the Lampard merry-go-round based threads into one mega thread. There are a lot of posters starting their own threads with their "hot takes" presumably because they think their viewpoint is all important and they don't want to risk it getting lost, but too much of the main hub of the forum is being taken up by one topic which, as of now, is paper talk; there hasn't even been a (confirmed) approach / meeting.
  5. Dead against this, to be honest. Though I was dead against Lampard too, so what do I know. Saying that, at least Lampard comes across as a decent guy (for a tory). Terry is a complete Bamford.
  6. Argh! I always miss someone when I do these things - I missed out Nugent v Fulham when I did the hattricks one. Could @David add Big Dog Buxton into my original post please? (Really wish there wasn't a time limit on editing). Yeah, I probably shouldn't have included Frank Lampard in the managers list as it kind of contradicts my own criteria regarding two seasons etc. But I did say if people really wanted to include Mount, Wilson etc. it was up to them, my list was more just a suggestion really in case people had forgotten some players (I forgot Paul Coutts even existed, for example, and he played 60 times for Derby). The other reason for 46 starts was just to make the list manageable rather than any bias against Mount etc. Surprised how many people have gone for Bogle over Brayford. I think that's recency bias in full effect; Bogle was really shaky over Christmas before a storming end to the season, whereas Brayford was consistent for over three years and was player of the season (admittedly in a weaker side). I think, over time and provided we don't sell him, Bogle will be a better player for Derby than even Brayford was, but within the time frame of the 2009/10 to 2018/19 seasons, Brayford is far more deserving. Edit: Also, showing my out-of-touchness by forgetting that teams can name 7 subs these days...
  7. Manager: Steve McClaren Goalkeeper: Scott Carson Defenders: John Brayford, Richard Keogh, Jason Shackell, Craig Forsyth Midfielders: Craig Bryson, Will Hughes, Jeff Hendrick Attackers: Tom Ince, Chris Martin, Johnny Russell Subs: Lee Grant, Shaun Barker, Paul Green, Jamie Ward, Matej Vydra
  8. As I've been getting a bit obsessed with the idea that this is the end of Derby County's disappointing foray throughout the 2010s (assuming, like me, you would consider the 2019/20 season as part of the 2020s), I thought it might be a fun diversion from arguing whether or not Frank is going to Chelsea by picking our best XI from the players who've pulled on the black and white. I've culled the list below from players who've made at least 46 league starts for Derby and who have appeared in more than one league campaign. This, of course, rules out the loanees we've had this season but put them in if you want. I'm not your Mum. Goalkeepers Scott Carson Lee Grant Frank Fielding Stephen Bywater Defenders Shaun Barker Dean Moxey John Brayford Gareth Roberts Jason Shackell Richard Keogh Andre Wisdom Cyrus Christie Chris Baird Marcus Olsson Curtis Davies Craig Forsyth Sir Jake Buxton Midfielders Paul Green Robbie Savage Stephen Pearson James Bailey Ben Davies Craig Bryson Jeff Hendrick Will Hughes Paul Coutts George Thorne Bradley Johnson Jacob Butterfield Tom Huddlestone Attackers Theo Robinson Jamie Ward Chris Martin Johnny Russell Tom Ince Matej Vydra David Nugent Tom Lawrence Manager Nigel Clough Steve McClaren Gary Rowett Frank Lampard So, what's your Derby "Team of the 10s"?
  9. By adding together the average finish on the league ladder (ie. this season was 6th in the Championship, so that would be 26), you get the following.... 1880s - 10th (Only one season) 1890s - 8th 1900s - 14th 1910s - 20th 1920s - 21st 1930s - 7th 1940s - 7th (only three seasons) 1950s - 30th 1960s - 35th 1970s - 8th 1980s - 30th 1990s - 20th 2000s - 27th 2010s - 29th Having seen other people's arguments about it's better to be doing well in the second tier than battling relegation in the first tier, I would probably agree that my original statement that this might have been the worst ever decade to support Derby isn't true, but it's definitely down there. If you take out the outlier decade of the 1970s, since 1950 Derby have, on average, finished 29th on the league ladder (it's still only 26th when you include the 70s). I'm sure almost everyone on this board thinks Derby "should" be in the top flight, but history would suggest the top half of the Championship is the club's true level, sadly.
  10. The few years around the start of the 80s was obviously awful, but at lest the mid 80s had two consecutive promotions - including a title - and a top 5 finish in the top flight with a team which included two players who would go on to be in the first XI of an England side who made the World Cup semi finals. This decade’s lows have not been as low, but there’s not really been any highs to speak of other than one off games. Also, pedant alert, this thread has generally been based around decades and Jewell and the legendary 11 point side was the naughty 00s, not the terrible 10s. I think - in terms of judging a decade as whole - the 2010s has been the worst single “decade” in Derby history. No promotions, no top flight football... just a load of false dawns, wasted money and disappointments.
  11. As mentioned elsewhere, soon as I saw Keogh's edgy look and attitude-filled stroll, it only reminded me of one other Richard....
  12. Just been on plenty of forums where discussions of such things have descended into a poo show. Wasn’t meant to come across as condescending, sorry if it came across as such.
  13. Posted this before reading any of it and it's actually a lot more civil than I expected. Well done, everyone.
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