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  1. This is definitely true, and @Rampard should consider seeing if anyone is kind enough to help him out. I've had lots of stuff sent to me here in Japan by family and by companies, and even when it's the same item companies seem to magically find a more expensive option (though presumably a lot of that is to do with insurance).
  2. Remember when people unironically called Savage a “Derby Legend”? Single handedly made me despise the use of the word.
  3. I'm cautiously optimistic about this season, though I do worry we might miss out on a play-off campaign.... First place goes up automatically 😉
  4. Didn't Johnson (along with Butterfield and Blackman) sign one year extensions on less money at the start of 2018/19, though? In that case Johnson would have been on less that 35k right? At least I hope the guy wasn't pulling that much AFTER a wage reduction.
  5. Lampard's brighter moments outshone Rowett, sure. But ultimately, they both did nothing more than oversaw failed playoff campaigns in which they hamstrung us by not starting our best strikers in crucial moments - and Lampard only bought Marriott on when he did because of injury. Maybe "unmemorable" is unfair, but taking away the pure emotion of that 45 minutes at Leeds, there isn't that much difference. Plus Rowett never lost to Forest.
  6. Frank is just a footnote now. No more special or memorable than Gary Rowett was.
  7. I reacted with the clapping emoji because it was the closest one to praying hands...
  8. Agreed. Lampard really pulled the wool over the eyes of some with his rhetoric about how this was "his" club. I don't see how any Derby fan could hold any respect for him and his mediocre achievements here after this saga.
  9. Honestly more annoyed about the continued lack of managerial continuity than Lampard going. He did better than I expected but ultimately we ended up on less points than last season and only turned up for 55 minutes (second half at Leeds, last 10 at Wembley) out of 270 in the playoffs. I have no doubt we can appoint someone who is a better manager, I just hope the obvious togetherness that the squad/supporters has isn’t tarnished. Thanks for not that much really Frank. Four or five very memorable games but, ultimately, as much a failure as everyone else in the past decade plus.
  10. Oh goodness, no. Not at all. If it were up to me, McClaren wouldn’t have been sacked even though we had made a complete pig’s ear of that campaign - it started the “hire’n’fire” run that left us in the FPP shaped hole we’re in now. I was being flippant and just saying it’s not something Morris doesn’t have previous in, though it does seem he is much more level headed over football matters now than he was even just three years ago.
  11. I mean, Morris essentially did this to McClaren....
  12. Fair enough, I’m sure you have merged some stuff that I haven’t noticed (due to the time difference I’m rarely on her at what I would imagine are key posting times). I certainly can see you point regarding topics which are more focused on specific aspects rather than the issue as a whole, though I think 8 out of the top 10 are related to the Lampard saga - though I guess, as you say, there is little else to talk about. would be nice for Derby to have a quiet summer for once!
  13. Not to criticise the mods, as I think they do a very good job overall, but I would have merged/locked a lot of the Lampard merry-go-round based threads into one mega thread. There are a lot of posters starting their own threads with their "hot takes" presumably because they think their viewpoint is all important and they don't want to risk it getting lost, but too much of the main hub of the forum is being taken up by one topic which, as of now, is paper talk; there hasn't even been a (confirmed) approach / meeting.
  14. Dead against this, to be honest. Though I was dead against Lampard too, so what do I know. Saying that, at least Lampard comes across as a decent guy (for a tory). Terry is a complete Bamford.
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