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  1. Tbh, I expect more of a professional footballer than just desire and commitment.
  2. We’ve only won 5 out of 18 league games since the home draw again Forest on 17th December. The only reason we’re still in contention for the playoffs is because the league is generally of low quality.
  3. Let’s be honest, losing to a team who haven’t won in 11 is the most Derby County result possible.
  4. Woman: Officer! Officer! I just saw a really drunk guy wandering around the pop side, you should probably kick him out, he might be a danger to himself. Plod: OK madam. Could you describe the hooligan in question? Woman: He was in jeans and a Derby shirt. Plod: .....erm, anything else? Woman: Isn’t that enough? Do your job and find him!
  5. Simpson, Lupoli, Ellington, Villa, Bryson (v. Millwall), Ince, Nugent (v Fulham, which I missed off the original list) all got their hat-tricks without penalties. Martin v. Blackpool and Waghorn v. Rotheram both consisted of two penalties.
  6. Not old enough for that I’m afraid... though I wonder if Davies’ 5 against Luton is the last time a player got more than 3 in a game.
  7. As you all know, Waghorn got a hat-trick against Rotherham at the weekend as Derby hit 6 in a game for the first time since April 1996. On that day they beat Tranmere 6-2, a game which was also notable for a long time as Paul Simpson's hat-trick in that game would prove to be the last by a Derby player for 11 years. Remembering this stat got me to thinking how many hat-tricks have been scored by Derby players since then, so I took 5 minutes on soccerbase and came up with this list. It was purely out of my own (sad) interest (and having nothing to do at work), but thought I'd put it up here on the off chance someone else might be interested and, therefore, make it slightly less of a waste of time. 1995/96 - Paul Simpson v Tranmere Rovers (H), Division One, 6-2 2006/07 - Arturo Lupoli v Wrexham (H), FA Cup, 3-1 2008/09 - Nathan Ellington v Lincoln City (H), League Cup, 3-1 (After Extra Time) / Emmanuel Villa v Brighton & Hove Albion (A), League Cup, 4-1 2013/14 - Craig Bryson v Millwall (A), Championship, 5-1 / Chris Martin v Blackpool (H), Championship, 5-1 / Craig Bryson v Notts Forest (H), Championship, 5-0. 2015/16 - Tom Ince v Bristol City (H), Championship, 4-0 2017/18 - Matej Vydra v Middlesbrough (A), Championship, 3-0 2018/19 - Martyn Waghorn v Rotherham United (H), Championship, 6-1. For anyone interested, the last top flight Derby County hat-trick was Paul Williams v. Southampton on 4th May 1991 in a 6-2 win.
  8. I haven't watched the forum, I was going off of discussions on this website; according to this post from @loweman2 he did.
  9. Didn't Lampard say in the fans forum this week that there is no chance of us signing any of the three loanees? Even if we went up, it would be a stretch to see us signing Tomori, and that's even assuming Chelsea want to sell him and/or no more established Premier League clubs come in for him.
  10. Surely he's already showed that with the ridiculous procession of managerial appointments and quick firings post McClaren 1.
  11. No, we’ve failed to go up to fourth and expand the gap on seventh to 5 points rather than 1 from a run of three home games against lower-to-mid table sides.
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