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Good of the club to do this. Thinking back even 5 years ago, there was very little communication between the supporters and the club, so full marks there.

1. Ditch the goal music, please.

2. Press on with Safe Standing as much as possible.

3. No more fan cam.

4. No need for the music pre-match to be so loud. Stop playing it 15 minutes before kick-off and encourage fans to get in early and start making an atmosphere themselves. Maybe turn off the TV's at 2.45?

5. Replace the yellow seats with black or white ones.

6. I'm not sure if they are still there but the Stimac and Barker stickers don't look very good on the outside of the ground.

7. Get rid of Starbucks ASAP.

8. At least let us take bottles of non-alcoholic drinks into the stands with lids on them. No matter how hard I try, I can't hit a Forest fan from the West Stand.

9.  Renaming the stands would be good also.

10. Forcibly remove anyone NOT stood up in the South Stand and relocate their season ticket to the North stand.

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