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Sort out the 'megastore'


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Sort out the 'megastore'.

The range is just rubbish. The replica kits are are fair enough (although selling out of kids' sizes in early December last year was unforgivable), as is the training gear. Everything else is just an afterthought. Clothing, household and tech needs huge attention.

What is most lacking is general Rams branded souvenirs. Flags, posters, prints, bags, pens etc are almost non-existent. This is especially true for items in the 'pocket money' range. I take my kids inn regularly and they nearly always leave empty handed because they can't find anything to spend their £5.20 on. This must be costing the club a fair amount in lost revenue, but is probably more significant in failing to drive the bonding process between youngsters and Derby County.

The staff could also learn to smile occasionally.If they are serious about this 'Derby County Way' thing it has to go through the whole club. A visit to the club shop should be an adventure for kids and enjoyable for adults - not just tedious as it is now. The staff need to drive this by engaging far more -  and they might even drive additional sales as a result.

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