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Toilet Attendants in Nightclubs


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Got started on one last night who accused me of stealing pound coins off his plate. I had actually dropped a 50p on his plate. He proceeded to hit me and raise his fists threateningly. He tried to get other people out of the toilet so he could continue to knock me out. Thankfully I did plead my innocence and he let it go. But I received no apology.

****** off by this. No CCTV in toilets. No justice can be done. :mad:

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Originally posted by Dangerous;37594

was it one of them annoying ******$ who try to get you to have a spray of their fake after shave? I hate them

Yep. He didn't give me any after shave but I dropped a 50p as a nice gesture. He threw it back in my face because he was a ****.

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