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season ticket prices?


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After two recent attempts to get promotion to the Premiership, if we managed to do it this year, would there be any real need to increase season ticket prices? Derby fans have bought 22,000 tickets this year and the corporate boxes are all but full. As a percentage of the expected income received upon promotion would it be prudent and cost effective to invest in fans and to show appreciation by keeping season ticket prices steady. I personally do not think that the extra cash would prove to be make or break to keep us up so it would be the ultimate sign that the Club is about the fans. Can anyone produce any realistic figures on a likely price increase as a percentage of the projected income? Food for thought. Has anyone ever done a demographic study of the fanbase at DCFC if such a thing were possible. Derby need to have as many fans attending with their children as can be attained because this is the future of the Club.Man City in a different world to us, have recently provided 5-6,000 seats at £300 a season.

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