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Does the club do children's parties?


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Does the club do children's parties? I've got three children ranging from 7 to 10 and all three of them have asked for a Derby County birthday party.

Anyone with pre-teen children will know the annual hunt for a suitable party venue/theme for their offspring. Everyone does the soft play venues, many move into laser-quest style parties and recently my kids have been getting quite a few invitations to parties with a sporting theme. They went to a martial arts party at DMA last week and it was surprisingly good - the instructor was  fantastic with the kids.

The thing that makes DCFC really special is its community base. We have the highest attendance to population ratio of any club in the country. That appears to indicate that DCFC has been brilliant in making people from Derby/shire into DCFC fans. Having moved back into the city four years ago, after twelve years in Cornwall, it was striking jut how much 'outreach' the club was doing. With the Rams squad memberships, Rammie touring the schools, players opening fetes and playgrounds, and DCFC liveried coaches delivering PE lessons in schools, there has clearly been a deliberate policy of hooking the kids - and that has obviously worked most effectively.

A further extension to this could easily be children's parties. The executive boxes are perfectly sized for the average 12 child party. Rammie and Ewie could pop in. Packages could easily include a stadium tour. There could also be an offer at Moor Farm including some sort of training/playing time. In the overall scheme of things it wouldn't e a massive revenue generator - but it should be profitable and could support creating a couple of jobs. However, the main benefit would be continuing the process of instilling a love for DCFC into the local youngsters - which then drives revenue for decades to come

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