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There's no question they're popular...and, let's be honest, the overwhelming reaction to the shirt right from the day of its release always suggested demand would be high. Like you, it appears I have missed out although my excuse is that (a) I was trying to arrange alternate postage (the £35 postage to Australia always annoys me) and (b) I hadn't decided whether to get the Home or the Away kit with the Third kit. Ultimately (and unusually for me), the Home kit won...but, by that time, they were sold out.

What amazes me most is that they sold out at least 6-8 weeks before Christmas. That absolutely smacks of poor planning. No matter how well a kit has been selling, you'd anticipate a major surge in sales around Christmas.

That's revenue foregone. But you'd also have expected SOMEONE to have noticed that supplies were dwindling and tried to order another lot.

Nor does it help that the club seem to be very cagey about responding to questions about when or if they're going to restock. I have asked three times for  one 'TBA' and two 'no answers'. 

The only reason I can think of is that the third shirt has sold so well, it has cannibalised the others. Against this though: anecdotally I suspect this year's home shirt is one of the  more popular home shirts in recent years.

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