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Forest v Derby Match Predictions

Red Elvis

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I would be interested whilst sitting in the Away End singing on my own,

of the Derby County fans views on Match Predictions (Scores)

The form book Forest lost 4 Derby won 4

The Forest fledglings short on numbers the Forest Manager short in height, we are doomed are'nt we?


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Championship Survival is top of a few teams list!

But I know my football, and the template was good, its a shame that injuries were not supported with just a couple of additions.

And the great Derby:rolleyes: only beat the Forest last time with Forest ball boys in the Squad.

Slightly stronger this time!

Its our time

Forest 2 Derby 1:D

Not that I would enjoy the BC Trophy and bragging rights but 3 points crucial LOL

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It will be a tough game, both teams carry a few injuries now, but Derby have had the rub of the green in the last few games, even against Utd i thought we did ok.

If Forest do lose i feel another one of these coming though....

Nottingham Forest manager Billy Davies:

"A lot of these players don't know the game and a lot of them need to work harder. We'll try and pick up points with the players we've got available at the moment.

"I feel for the fans because they've got to suffer like were suffering at the moment.

"I can assure the fans there will be massive changes at this football club if we get our way and we'll bring in players who are proud to wear the shirt.

"We just need to finish fourth bottom because if we do that it'll be a fantastic job done."

A fantastic job ! ? :eek:

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