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The Bakeri "I'm sorry" thread.


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Originally posted by Boycie;34729

He's back!

Wait for it!

Hello... is this thing on??

Ok... I have a very important announcement to make...

As many of you are aware there has been some difference of oppinion recently on whether Tyson picked the flag up to wind up the Derby fans...

After he finally spoke to the press, and after studying the interview, i must appologise

I know it must be a difficult time for you all to know i was right!

As he stated in the interview he was only celebrating with the fans and was, as i suspected, going to do a lap of honour...

It must also be galling to see Nathan Tyson show himself to be a bigger man then your captain Lilly Savage, as despite the fact he did not do anything out of malice, he has still accepted what he did was inappropriate and apologised for any distress caused, and for any injuries obtained...

I hope despite the fact Nathan has shown my original statements to be true, and despite the fact he has shown that the Forest players are capable of accepting their mistakes whilst your captain still insists he's an angel, that we can continue to be friends (except Trigger of course who has been upside down to long and all the blood has rushed to his head, so now he can't handle the thought of me being a human being and not just a cock... my guess is he's upset because his is either very small or under used or both... this would also account for the style of his posts)

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