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All things are relative leemark.

we have gotten worse in terms of results whilst others have gone on stonkng runs.

If i had one criticism of us as a team this season it is - for want of a better term - "game management", a term nicked from rugby.

Basically, despite what we might want to be, we cannot expect our brand of high-risk quick passing football to quite work all of the time. This is my beef - when you see it isn't, we need a gnarled leader to close the ranks and say to the lads "fook it lads, it ain't working, but there's no way we're losing to this shower" and then grind out a few 0-0's here and there.

we just don't seem to have this ability at all in our make up - to be clear i do NOT want us to turn into middlesbrough and concede very few but score not many. However, i do believe we betray a lack of adaptability - to adjust to circumatsnces as they unfold.

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