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Eduardo recieves ban for 'dive'


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Arsene Wenger has labelled Uefa's decision to charge Eduardo for 'diving' against Celtic as a 'disgrace'.

The Arsenal striker appeared to con the referee into awarding the Gunners a penalty when he fell under the challenge of Hoops goalkeeper Artur Boruc in the second leg of a UEFA Champions League qualifier on Wednesday.

Uefa have since studied video evidence of the incident and decided to charge the Gunners front man with 'intent to deceive the referee'.

The assessment has angered Wenger with the Frenchman stating that the governing body have now put themselves in a very 'dangerous' position.

"I find it a complete disgrace and not acceptable," he told Sky Sports News.

"We will not accept the way Uefa treated this case. Having seen the television again nothing is conclusive from that and it singles out a player in Europe to be a cheat and that is not acceptable.

"I have seen some obvious cases where Uefa didn't intervene and that is on and off the pitch. Things have happened in Europe on and off the pitch where Fifa did not act at all.

"I believe that this is the first time in my time in football where a situation that has been judged and assessed by the referee and that the referee's decision is not accepted by the football bodies.

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I thought that Eduardo was looking for the pen he went down and was waiting for the keeper to clatter into him unfortunately for him he did not and he has been punished.

If you look at the replay of the Rooney penalty today he did exactly the same thing however the keeper's momentum took him into Rooney, but at impact Rooney was already more than half way 'down'.

To me they both Eduardo and Rooney did the same thing but one keeper was better at avoiding the collision than the other.

So you end up with Rooney - Hero, Eduardo - Villain

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I agree with this.


I think this a great deterrent for diving. Diving is a way of cheating which can guarantee penalties and give a team an unfair advantage. It needs to be taken out of the game unfortunately and this looks like a good move.

But why only now? We've seen so many occasions of Ronaldo diving and Rooney "simulating". Why did they get away with this when it is only now they seem to be enforcing the rules properly? The skill of running into a keeper or waiting for a leg to touch you so you can fall is a scam and I think it's totally ridiculous because some pundits are even saying it is part of the game.

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