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best stand to be in the ipro

South Ram

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Theyre all good!!!!!!!!!!!

Depends if you want to be close to the action?

Highest point up?


Good place for families and other kids?

Boys stand, where you never sit down and try to start singing when no one else wants to etc etc

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How I personally pervice the stands (Generally way off the mark do not take offense :) ):-


West Stand:- People with money who generally just want to sit there and support the game. They'll never hardly sing if asked 'West stand give us a song' I can't remember them responding. 'Prawn sandwich bridage' has been mentioned a few times!


Pirelli Stand:- People who want to create a atmosphere but may find it hard. Generally a mix of people who don't want to sing or want to be amognst the singers but won't sing. Been there before its a bit of a mix.


North Stand:- The family stand usually lives up to it's name. When you hear 'Come on Derby' it's like listening to squeals of kids amusing but sometimes effective the grounds rocking when this stang along with easy and south are singing.


East stand:- May change this season can be a singing stand or none singing.. I have a feeling upto the half way line they'll be singers which will be positive along with the south stand! Generally decently price and a decent view.


South Stand:- This stand will be for people who live for the atmosphere and want to get behind there team by singing. Not recommended for kid in the big games (People get chucked every where been their many times lol) but generally I love it always been a singer and always will be!


Every stand has its pro's so to speak depends on what you prefer.. Me my self have always been a South east / South stand now!


Sorry for long post >.>!

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