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Would you get rid of Savage?


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In the summer if we had a offer for Savage, would you get rid?

The guy deserves all the credit he's been getting for recent performances, however he will turn 35 in October (Wiki).

Next season I'd like to see us push on for promotion, play offs at least, but I just don't see Savage being a 30+ game a season player that could play a major role for us.

Being one of the highest earners at the club if he a club came in and offered to take him for free or even a small offer then I'd probably have to say thanks for the memories Robbie.

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For me David that is a yes. Robbie at times despite his recent run still shows an ability to drift in and out and I think that is all to do with age. If he was ten years younger we would see more of the terrier in him as he was. Championship seasons are so long and also remember a couple of cup runs will add to maybe only 15-20 games next season out of 45-50. With the wage he is on is it value? Im not sure

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Originally posted by JoeMadRam;2020

If the offer was big, which is doubtful, then maybe. It would probably be 750k at the max now.

I'd really like him to see him see out his contract though and then find out what happens then.

750k max? your havin a larrf! doubt we'd ever get near that offer to be honest.

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