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MotoGP....Marc Marquez


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Anyone else out there wondering (if you follow MotoGP) whether Marquez is capable of winning EVERY race this season?


I did ask SkyBet about the odds, but they seem to have gone into meltdown at the prospect and haven't come back to me yet!  Worth a fiver at gazillions to one, possibly?


The best thing to happen to MotoGP since a certain No. 46 came onto the scene.

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No he won't because he'll fall off at least once. :)


That's the only way he'll not win everything all the time. :rolleyes:


I don't really think it's that great for motogp. I'd rather have 4 or 5 that could win every race.


I'm also gutted that Cal went to Ducati. Wrong move for him imho.  


Anyhoo, Marquez is so far ahead of everybody else that you might as well put your mortgage on him to win the title again.Easy money.  :D

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