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Club "Anthem"


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You may have seen me post this under the username "RavanelliHasMyMoney" on theRams.co.uk forums as well as the BBC 606 forums too.

Basically it is just with regard to the fact that yes we do have Steve Bloomer's, but it is not really a club 'anthem' like You'll Never Walk Alone for example....

After reading a recent post on the music played before the game, it occured to me, that at Derby, we don't really have an anthem.

Steve Bloomer's Watching is an okay song, and a fitting tribute to a player and a man who's acheivements are unrivalled.

I do not wish to detract anything from Steve Bloomer, he status as a legend at the club was here long before me and will be here long after I've gone.

My point is that although Steve Bloomer's is the said fitting tribute, it is more of a gimmick in terms of being a real club anthem.

When you look at the likes of clubs such as Liverpool and Leeds, they have songs which are more like anthems, that the supporters are really bound to. The likes of You'll Never Walk Alone, Marching On Together are so distinct and scream with passion. Blue Moon is another at Man City, as is I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles at West Ham.

Having looked into how the rams came to be, I looked into the heritage of Derby, and it turns out that a regiment of the british army adopted the ram to be their mascot along with the song "The Derby Ram."


"The song and the association of a ram with the town of Derby has been incorporated by a number of groups based there. In 1855, the First Regiment of Derbyshire Militia adopted a ram as their mascot and the ballad as their regimental song, a tradition that has continued into the 95th Derbyshire Regiment. Similarly, the football team, Derby County F.C. (nicknamed "The Rams"), have adopted it, taking the ram as their club mascot. There are a number of References to a ram throughout the architecture of Derby - perhaps the most notable is a large street sculpture on the junction of East Street and Albion Street (outside HMV) by Michael Pegler."

The song is about a giant ram, but parts of it make me really think that this could be an anthem that the supporters can really sing in unison. Mainly the first verse and the chorus:

[verse 1]

- As I was going to Derby - all on a market day,

- I met the biggest ram, my boys

- That ever was fed on hay.


- And indeed, my lads,

- It's true, my lads,

- I never was known to lie,

- And if you'd been in Derby, you'd seen the same as I.

I just feel like its a real derbyshire song that has evidently got a lot of history. With a few minor tweaks or lyric changes or even a combination of some of the other lyrics it could be a real anthem.

Listening to it I get the impression that its a song that rams fans could definitely adopt as our own anthem. I just sense its a real Derbyshire classic...


Its a bit folky, but the actual tune isn't that important (if you consider that for steve bloomer's i don't think people would take a liking to it). Its more about having a song to sing out on 'the terraces' as it were. Something Derby fans can sing in unison, that will be unique and distinctive to the club - that we can be truly proud of.

Obviously it needs a few alterations perhaps in order to shorten it and pick the most appropriate lines from some (or all) of the verses, but I think it could be a go-er...


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Firstly, I know I have only recently created a post suggesting this song as a potential Derby anthem, but I have reworked the lyrics and come up with a respectable effort that I felt necessary to repost; so sorry for effectively 'bumping' a recent thread. There is a fair bit to read below, but please try and struggle through it!

I wanted the song not to be specific to any one individual, although 'The Ram' could be symbolic of Cloughie Senior or Steve Bloomer or countless other Rams legends - it's open to your own perception for who you wish 'The Ram' to be!

Also, looking at other club 'anthems' they are very respectful to other clubs, for example, You'll Never Walk Alone isn't in any way anti-Everton or anti-United. So I felt it was important that if we're to have an 'anthem' that it maintains our absolute dignity as fans and for the name of the club - as well as being inspirational and something that we can become bound to!

The original song dates back to Derby in times even before the club was founded (1855 if Wikipedia is accurate!) and with the evident heritage embedded in that original, I have tried to instill some subtle, yet not over-roaring DCFC heritage where possible too!

Anyway, enough of the philosophical side! You can judge whether you think it has serious potential or is utter nonsense for yourself!


The Derby Ram / As I Was Going To Derby

sung to the tune of:

link here: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj4mOMso8SI&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj4mOMso8SI&feature=related

to get an idea of how it would sound, play the YouTube video in the background and sing along to the lyrics....

- As I was going to Derby,

- All on the match day,

- I spied the finest Ram, Sir

- Destined for Pride Park Way

- And indeed me lads, its true me lads

- I was never known to lie

- If you have been to Derby

- You'd have seen the same as I

- This Ram it had a tail, Sir

- The length of Shaftsbury Street,

- And two mighty, fierce horns, Sir

- You wouldn't wish to meet

- And indeed me lads, its true me lads

- I was never known to lie

- If you have been to Derby

- You'd have seen the same as I

- But all the men of England,

- Could not believe their eyes,

- Cos' the Ram stood on The Baseball Ground,

- Was metamorphic size!

- Now if you don't believe me,

- Or think I tell a lie,

- Just ask the folks of Derby

- Cos' you'll be mighty surprised! / - Cos' they're bigger liars than I!

- DERBY! (clap clap clap) DERBY! (clap clap clap)


if u managed to read through all of that - all thoughts are welcome....

if this is to get off the ground it needs all of the exposure it can get so please feel free to reproduce it elsewhere

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