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Remember Me From The Nep BB?


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Joe - Nah I'm not named after Mart Poom but he is one of my two favourite Derby goalies, Him being one and Bywater being the other. My real name is Mart.

TealeIsGod - Who were you on old BB? I remember it very well hopefully this board will be as good the Nep BB. The current board is a shambles and I don't really bother with the posting side of things. I'm intrigued about your comments towards

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Originally posted by tealeisgod;1738

I only made 10 or so posts on the NEP, RMR. The board had many great contributors, many of whom did not cross to the DET forum. You were one of them I seem to remember.

(My memory is shot to pieces though, so you could have been a WUM!)

Me a wum :eek:

I was never a wum, Why would I be?

P.S. Nigel Clough has taken over Forest and Billy Davies has rejoined Derby!

Thanks for the welcome guys. This BB feels like the good old NEP BB. Why did we need to change? Yeah it used to go awol once a month on a matchday but that was part of the character of the BB.

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Originally posted by PearTree Ram;1845

How did you know ? I went to Homelands.... ? :confused::eek:

I was only joking, don't worry

Yep I knew you were joking, I could sense the sarcasm. :cool:

David perhaps you could add a little title for PearTree under his name, 'Village Idiot'?

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