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Killer Burger


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The Heart Attack Grill in Arizona serves up Bypass Burgers that contain up to 8000 calories, so it’s no wonder they call their wait staff “Heart Attack Grill Nurses.â€Â

The Heart Attack Grill, a burger joint in Chandler, Arizona has become famous by offering up meals so unhealthy, they have nurses as wait staff. It’s a hospital themed restaurant that calls orders’ and customers are ‘patients.’

They even go so far as to use a ‘toe tag’ (on the customers wrist) with what the person ordered and after your meal, if you’re so full you feel you can’t move, they’ll help you to your car in a wheelchair.

The menu has single, double, triple and quadruple bypass burgers with between a half pound and two full pounds of meat. Meals come with ‘Flatliner Fries’ and they also serve a range of side dishes that are just as bad for you.

Anyone want to try -...... er the burger that is David - would be great for you - you get to pushed around in your chair.

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