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After last weeks awesome race that saw The Doctor (Rossi) in inspired form,I cannot wait for tonight's

race . 


Me and me lad are cheering Rossi and Cal Crutchlow on. :)


It's more interesting than that f1 cheaty fix  race thing :ph34r:


Surely there's a few fans out there......... :D


Anyone watching?

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Didn't catch the 125's,so don't know about that.


Marquez is fast,isn't he :o No fear at that age.Could we have a world champion rookie at 20/21 years of age?


I think their was something wrong with Rossi's tyres,he didn't look too comfortable :(


But what a great job from Crutchlow,I'm pretty sure if he was on a factory Yam or Honda he'd be on the podium every week. B)

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Well it looks like It's Marquez's to lose now. He's bleddy fast int he  :o


What gets me p1ssed off is the bbc drop it for a run up north. :angry: Red button only.No bbc i want it in HD that's why I pay for HD.


No wonder it's going to a dedicated sports channel. :)


Anyhoo, hope Cal can work some magic on his Ducati next year.


Smith's done well in his first year also,well done him.

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Compulsory bike change half way through tomorrows race,how queer.


Due to tyres apparently, not very good from Bridgestone .



The change came courtesy of an announcement from Race Direction after qualifying on Saturday, with Bridgestone having announced that it is unable to guarantee the safety of its rear slick tyres beyond 14 laps.

It has therefore been decided to make the following changes to the MotoGP™ class race in the interests of safety:

1. The race distance will be 26 laps (previously scheduled to be 27)

2. Every rider will be required to enter the pits and change to their second machine with fresh tyres at least once during the race.

3. No rider is permitted to make more than 14 laps on any one slick rear tyre. This means that a bike/tyre change before lap 12 would require a second bike/tyre change to finish the race

4. Riders using ‘Factory’ and ‘Satellite’ machines will be required to use the ‘hard’ option tyre (B51DR). Extra quantity will be allocated by Bridgestone

5. Riders using CRT machines will be required to use the CRT ‘hard’ option tyre (B50DR). Extra quantity will be allocated by Bridgestone

6. The pit lane speed limit zone will be extended both on entry and exit and the exit route to rejoin the track will be marked by a white line in the runoff area; crossing this line whilst rejoining the track from pit lane will result in a penalty

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Aprilia are coming back as a factory team in 2016.

And with Suzuki heading back in 2015,things could get even more interesting than F1,Daveo.





Italian manufacturer Aprilia has confirmed it plans to return to MotoGP as a full factory team in 2016.

Aprilia last competed as a full factory outfit in the premier class in 2004.

But its engines have won the CRT category with Aleix Espargaro in the Aspar Team for the past two years.

Roberto Colannino, chairman of parent company Piaggio, told RHO Italy: "In 2016 Aprilia will return to MotoGP to win and match the success it had in World Superbike."

It was thought Aprilia might start the 2014 season with a full factory effort after talks with the Aspar Team  about producing a revamped ART package for next year.

But Aspar decided to switch to Honda machinery for next season's campaign, after the announcement Aprilia Racing boss Luigi Dall'Igna was defecting to Ducati. 

Colannino said: "We've got two years of hard work ahead of us in the development of the engine and the technology that will allow us to excel in this competition."

There are four ART bikes on the 2013 grid but three of those - the two Aspars and the Cardion AB team - are switching to Honda machinery next year.

Paul Bird Motorsport, who run one ART bike with Northern Irishman Michael Laverty, are considering running their own PBM bike for both riders in 2014.

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