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New Boro kit 'Adidas'


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Originally posted by CumbrianRam;17574

Why are we always the last club to release the new kits?!?

So we get the most about the last bargains, like the old kits on sale for a fiver now.

Also, the enigma of the anticipation increases sales, and it makes sales figures look better as there's a massive last minute rush of people buying shirts before the first game of the season.

It's actually sound business, but I wish it would be brought out sooner.

I wouldn't mind a black and white version of that Midsborough shirt.

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Don't have a middle name, my parents were lazy gets and could only think of one. I was going to give myself one but I found out I wouldn't be able to use it on official documents unless I pay so I'm planning on calling my kid Bernard instead.

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