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palace get point reduction


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The Football League's independent 'Football Disciplinary Commission' today deducted Crystal Palace Football Club 1 point from its end of season total of 57 points.

The decision follows the fielding of an ineligible player, Rui Fonté, versus Sheffield United on the 3rd May 2009.

Rui Fonté entered the field of play after 55 minutes, despite his loan agreement with Arsenal having expired prior to the match in question.

The club was also fined £20,000, of which £15,000 is suspended for one full season.

The club remain in 15th spot in the final Championship table, but on a reduced total of 56 points

I thought they would have had more of a punishment than 1 point and it would of also been better if they had come off next season so they start on minus 1 point would have been more of a punishment then

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