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  1. I think the guys on here who went chose Jack - will await on the lads to clarify 🙏
  2. Nobody asked - they were offered - by the official front of shirt sponsors - due to some late NY dropouts. Would you rather they weren’t offered? Or weren’t utilised? This type of post is why, despite registering a few months ago, I haven’t posted/offered anything before. Thanks for the input.
  3. I’ll see what I can do haha. I’ll be there filming in a couple of weeks and can hopefully sort a couple of signed goodies. Those with 32Red accounts are more likely to win mind haha! We are always giving away freebies on Twitter too!
  4. Three course meal, a much better view of the game and normally a free bar but I’m not there to host today sorry!
  5. Don’t want them going to waste, so keen for some of the more deserving fans utilising! Happy New Year all
  6. Still no sign from Rich (see other thread) so have one remaining pair of hospitality for today’s game if anyone fancies it?
  7. EllaFella and Boss both have a pair.. there may be a surprise waiting there too. Eyes peeled!
  8. Thanks guys. As luck would have it (subjective perhaps) we have had a party of further party of four cancel. So there are three pairs up for grabs. 🤞
  9. Hi all, I work for the Sponsors (32Red) and have a spare pair of hospitality for today’s game if anybody wants it? First come, first serve! Jack
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