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  1. Must be on.......just seen Colleen & the sprogs in B&M!
  2. Couldn't this business have been concluded in 18 mins?
  3. Could be reliable, maybe not, but an entertaining snippet I've heard, is that Jody is apparently the stumbling block here. He wants to go with Frank, Frank wants him to go with him, Chelsea want him too, But Mel would like him to stay & step upto no 1. Unless Chelsea are prepared to pay for Jodys release, as unlike Frank he has no release clause in his contract. So Mel may be playing a bit of hardball here & hanging on for maximum compensation package for the pair of them....... Who knows?
  4. Vulcanboy


    After some "very brief" reading up on messrs Anderson & Bassini,( what a choice) I'm thankful we have Mel at the helm 👍
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