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  1. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    Totally underwhelmed with this, I hope it doesn't go through, it goes against everything GR said about building a young hungry team. At this rate there will be the unmistakable stench of boiled cabbage & stale p***s about PP.
  2. Signed: Andre Wisdom 4 year deal

    It's driving me Dental!
  3. Signed: Andre Wisdom 4 year deal

    And maybe, Celtic aren't in the market for a full back /central defender?
  4. Keogh

    There'll be a few balls bouncing around in the "Toys r us" car park then!
  5. Name and shame yourself

    I was a bit puzzled when we signed Frannie Lee still haven't seen a punch up to rival his set to with Norman Hunter!
  6. Sheffield Wednesday v Derby County

    Rowett's never been sacked.................erm, Birmingham?
  7. Alan Devonshire

    I don't remember him as being anything special, in fact I'd totally forgotten the name, Trevor Brooking & to a lesser extent, Billy Bonds, both excellent players.
  8. Chris Martin

    IMO, exactly the polar opposite, a bunch of (mostly) overpaid pussies nowadays!
  9. New sponsor?

  10. Baseball Ground Memories

    There's still a bit of the bbg pitch on a back lawn in Chaddesden ?
  11. Baseball Ground Memories

    I was fortunate enough to watch our second title win as a youth on the 'pop side' I'll always remember a midweek game towards the end of that season against man city, which we won 2-0 (I think) with Rioch scoring an absolute screamer! The other game that always stands out is our FA Cup quarter final victory over Newcastle...... The goals..... What a game, Charlie George, Kevin Hector, never reach those heights again, I consider myself very fortunate to have witnessed that era........ You Raaaaaaaaams!!
  12. The Difference

    I'd say more of a 'Frank Spencer'
  13. Derby County v Fulham

    Didn't realise this team (David Nugent) were so good on the break!
  14. Derby County v Fulham

    Who's Gary Nugent?
  15. Derby County v Queens Park Rangers

    Looks like Rowett is instilling a 'work ethic' in the team, this much was blatantly obvious tonight. They all put in a decent shift tonight! Well done lads

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