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  1. When Wayne says that he is going to see this job through, that is what he means. Wayne has had the equivalent of six years managerial experience since he took this job. In my opinion he has done remarkably well to get this team playing the way that it is. Top dude in my opinion.
  2. Mel is a lifelong Derby County fan as are many of us.
  3. It seems unlikely that Mel picked the players, decided the wages, did the solicitor work, wrote the accounts or fully understood all the ramifications of how the EFL operate. So many genuinely well informed opinions on here do not coincide. Seems like a morass to me. I am not defending Mel. I am waiting till all is made clear if it ever is made clear. Shooting for the Premiership is a high risk business. Some clubs got it right, some did not. We did not.
  4. Big shot at promotion did not work. It did for some clubs.
  5. When you are a lifelong Derby County fan and have invested more in the club than anyone else and have lost more than anyone else in the club and you are ill, you generally do not like losing another £1.5 million per month with no improvement in sight. If you have lost money because of COVID it tends to make matters worse. The vast majority of people in this situation would wish to bail out. Certainly I would bail out. I believe that a few on here would also have had to bail out. Mistakes have been made and we are counting the cost. I supported all of the managerial appointments and most of the signings. We may well be on an even footing by January. We may not. We will see.
  6. Under really good ownership we could indeed again become a Major Force.
  7. I do not know how to change my avatar, Cosmic. If Mel is prepared to write off £100 million of debt, I will wait for ALL the relevant information to come out. I have been a Rams fan for over 50 years. We will have a good idea by the end of January. No problem to me if I am the last fan to wait for a final summing up. Someone had to do it. COYR
  8. If true that he may write off up to £100 million to help the situation why are we so anti. Might be nonsense. Could be enough to attract a buyer with plenty of cash. Let us see how it works out. If we do get taken over by someone with real cash, keep our players and Rooney then possibly a cloud with a silver lining.
  9. I have a feeling that when the dust settles, Mel will be seen to have done the best for the Rams that he could have done and found to have been let down by some people. We will see.
  10. Ashley has the money in his pocket and could probably buy it tomorrow if he wants it. If he wants it, I cannot see anyone beating him to it. He is entirely focussed to get administration bargains. I would welcome him. We would not go into administration with Ashley. More likely that he would make a few quid out of us when somebody offers big good money for us.
  11. £300k spent to get a lesser points deduction is a gamble worth trying in the bigger scheme of things.
  12. Mike knows a bargain when he sees one. He would probably spend enough to get us in the Premier League, then enough to just keep us in it. I would take that right now.
  13. Why would EFL not be more interested in making sure that Derby County avoid liquidation over all other options. If they were they could allow us to be taken over and then remove nine points when we have avoided liquidation. Okay it would mean that we would be sold for less money and creditors would get less or repayments could be rescheduled over a longer period. The letter if the law against the spirit of the law. Obviously if we avoid relegation then another club who did get relegated would have a major grievance but they already have a twelve point start on us.
  14. If foresight has been applied about what would happen if we do not taken over, from the moment Mel decided that he would like it to happen, how would the present situation be the likely foreseeable result of it.
  15. Can someone have a fairly informed guess what the eventual buyer might actually pay up front.
  16. So what is the least that the club could be sold for. £1 plus 25% of debts plus outstanding tax bill plus contracted staggered debts on players and Cocu. Just a guess.
  17. Other than the administrators and the buyer who else has any input into the price that we can be sold for. I suppose possible write offs by Mel might be included. Is 25% of all debt a minimum price.
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