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  1. Joe Ledley's impact

    Joe Ledley arrived after Derby conceded four goals to Bristol City in September. Since then Derby have played seven matches and conceded a total of four goals throughout, winning four and drawing three. Ledley played in all but one of these, the Birmingham draw. I honestly forget he's playing half the time. But his impact on this team absolutely can't be denied. We defend far, far better with him playing. Davies hasn't put a foot wrong since Ledley started playing, Keogh has been much more adventurous with his ball carrying and passing and is in the form of his life, Forsyth has regained his pre-injury imperiousness (what a beast) and Huddlestone has enjoyed less defensive responsibility. There's definite shades of Eustace during McClaren's first stint. Ledley is similarly unadventurous but does everything he does for the team, not a shred of ego on show. His selfless play allows the rest of the team to thrive. It's obvious why Wales were desperate for him to play at the World Cup despite his understandably questionable fitness. Get him signed immediately.
  2. Norwich City V Derby County

    You should watch more football.
  3. Norwich City V Derby County

    WHAT a win. Incredible performance in the second half.
  4. Will Hughes Watch

    Marco Silva sees him every day in training and doesn't put him on the bench. Maybe, just maybe, he's not as good as many think he is.
  5. Man City discussion

    Stones has been great for nearly a year now.
  6. Rowett type of player

    Willing to stand on the edge of the Derby penalty area (and stay there!) and kick the ball really far.
  7. POLL: Selling Hendrick; a good decision?

    Maybe once or twice seeing as Hendrick had one good game in four for us. The Forest 5-0 springs to mind.
  8. George Thorne

    It's probably on TV in New Zealand or something meaning they can't show it.
  9. Brentford V Derby County

    Sorry, but we weren't unlucky at all. You need to watch the entire match if you can bear to -- we were woeful.
  10. Brentford V Derby County

    Did you watch the match?
  11. Brentford V Derby County

    Did you watch the match? During McClaren #1 we had a team which cost a combined £3m-ish and we were playing attractive football. Aside from Leicester and one or two other teams in my opinion we were pretty much outplaying everyone and not in my opinion we were scoring lots of goals. Fast-forward a few years and we have a squad costing about £25m (more than the majority of teams in this division) and we're playing as if the teams we're facing are two leagues above us. Against Birmingham and Brentford we were entirely despressing to watch. We looked scared. I'd want us to show more initiative if we were in the Premier League, never mind against two struggling Championship sides. I'm not sure how you can dress this as anything other than pretty disastrous.
  12. Brentford V Derby County

    Preferred watching Clement to this garbage, we’re playing like we’re against a team 2 leagues above us.
  13. Man City discussion

    I reckon - considering he's still only 26 - De Bruyne would cost a Neymar-level figure if Manchester City decided to sell, which they won't. He's an incredible player.
  14. Rowetts record so far

    Whether or not you see it as progress, Rowett has given us a clear identity. We're now a direct, counter attacking team who defend deep and look dangerous going forward. It's what Rowett wanted from this team and to an extent it's working. Our main problem is defence, because we lack mobility in front of our defenders. Huddlestone is a requirement as his trebuchet feet are key to our playing style but he needs a babysitter, someone defensively stronger and more energetic than Johnson, to help take control in midfield. It would be fascinating to know how we would have done against Bristol with Kieftenbeld instead of Johnson.
  15. Bristol City v Derby County

    All over them now. Goal coming I think.
  16. Bristol City v Derby County

    Bad miss by Nugent. We're not out of this.
  17. Bristol City v Derby County

    Utterly idiotic from Keogh. Looked like a teenager.
  18. Bristol City v Derby County

    We're a couple of bad finishes and one world class save from being behind, and certainly don't deserve to be winning! Leko looks class, we need to get more physical with him. I'd be surprised if we can hold out, Bristol look fluid and dangerous. Hopefully we can nick one or two more on the break and get a great away win.
  19. Barnsley v Derby County

    It wasn't a weakened side, it was a different side. Eleven changes means that the team playing tomorrow aren't following a loss, they're following a win.
  20. The fall of Johnny Russell

    All taken from whoscored.com 2013/14 – 2015/16 128 apps 8038 mins 187 shots 25 goals 13.37% shots are goals A shot every 43 minutes A goal every 322 minutes 2016/17 - 2017/18 39 apps 2678 mins 69 shots 2 goals 2.89% shots are goals A shot every 39 minutes A goal every 1339 minutes Less than 3% of Johnny Russell’s shots since the start of last season have been a goal. He scored a goal every 22 and a half hours. He takes more shots than ever but scores a pitifully small amount. Russell is good at getting into shooting positions and always has been. His finishing, however, has dropped from being average, to dreadful. I'd be surprised if there is a forward in the league with worse numbers.
  21. Barnsley v Derby County

    Speech impediment LOL!
  22. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Good spot
  23. Free Agents

    Not a single like for any of these, keep trying though.
  24. U23's v Swansea

    More or less confirms Thorne will feature tomorrow!

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