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  1. Nigel Pearson Interview.

    i actually think his no nonsense approach and sending martin out was only good for derby. Just a shame it didnt last a bit longer. Fortunately we now have a manager who is a little less aggressive but still can see the flaws in Derby county.
  2. I was hoping a few more would have gone by now

    I only read the title of the post and the first sentence.... my reply is, do you really think its that easy to off load players? its not an over night deal. Some players wont have any interest in them, some will want to wait for the best deal, as will the club and agent, some players that we want to get rid of probably wont leave for whatever reason. One word, patience
  3. When a player asks to leave

    If the club wants to keep him and the manager feels the player has a future, the club and manager obv have to offer him a good deal better than hes on now, praise the fu(k out of him and butter him up with cream and make him feel wanted. If hes adamant that he wants to leave, then work out the best deal you can get and let him go. A player who doesnt really want to be at the club can be a negative character to the whole squad so its best to let him go. Its up to a good manager to assess the player and situation and do the right thing
  4. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Just read Wills parting statement and he said he felt its time to move on. You cant blame him at all, hes regularly playing in the under 21s and has the chance to play in the premiership, something in which a lot of us thought was going to happen every summer for the past few years. The possible interest from prem clubs never materialised but 10 years at the club or whatver it is and Derby county being an underperforming championship side, why shouldnt he leave to progress his career?! Once a ram, always a ram he says, but hes no supporter buying a season ticket each season, hes a professional athlete and no matter who you support, you have be the best you can be from an athletes point of view and progress to the top. Its not happening with Derby and he cant wait around forever just because Derby is his team. anyway my point is, dont jump to conclusions that its Mel or Garys fault that hes leaving. We dont know the details of the transfer so dont go jumping to conclusions and blame mel, gary or the derby way etc. Maybe just maybe he didnt see his future at Derby anymore and made the tough decision to leave. The price, £8mill (ish), long term they may jsut have had a bargain but on previous seasons, injuries, lack of performance levels and so on, its not too bad. Anyway, dont go to the instinct moan because you wanted to keep hughes here for the rest of his career. Its just one of those things. Dunna worry
  5. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Time for me to stop reading this thread due to the amount of thick people getting annoyed that the price might be £4.5m. Its a small piece of the derby county moving forward pie. Grab a spoon/folk thickos and tuck in. (im funny)
  6. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Its comments like that, that are fundamental to causing stress and strain on a team, and a new manager. There have been some good replies in this thread. Some level headed thoughts to why Hughes isnt the be all and end all of DCFC and not worth a stratospheric amount. Derby have done F all the past few seasons for whatever reason, dont be scared of change and think about why Rowett is making the changes he is rather than going straight to panic stations and thinking the worst
  7. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Selling players that potentially/definitely will reach their expected potential and make us a force to be reckoned with. Yes its not happend yet but if we keep our players that nearly got us to the premiership a few years ago and add a few new faces we'll 100% get promoted this year! only joking obviously. Let change happen and bring the expectation down a level or two. Hughes isnt a world beater and he isnt worth a trillion pounds. Calmmm dowwwnnn. Im sure the money will be reinvested well. Goodbye william, we'll give you a round of applause when we play against you.
  8. The Save Will Hughes Thread

    dont be scared of change

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