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  1. I believe he was a Sheffield Wednesday fan growing up. Kind of fitting that we play them tonight
  2. Did they reach that decision before or after the car crash?
  3. Good riddance, he was a terrible leader both on and off the pitch
  4. I've just moved house so don't currently have fixed Broadband yet. For now I'm tethering my unlimited 4g (three) mobile data to all my devices which works really well. I generally get between 15-30 Mbps (apart from yesterday when the whole three network went down😞), their dedicated 4g hub will no doubt give better speeds. The only downside is when my girlfriend is staying over and I go out with my phone and take the internet with me. Will probably look to get a separate 4g wifi contract at some point. Hope that helps
  5. You're happy to blindly follow the agenda of some faceless person or organisation that's willing to exploit a child? Suit yourself! Some critical thinking wouldnt go a miss around here.
  6. Her arguments are nothing new, climate change has been discussed for decades. What is new is that she's been thrust into the limelight by someone for some reason. Do you not want to know by who and what their motivation is?
  7. You should try reading the news, Boris recently committed to spend billions on fighting climate change
  8. Who knew that protecting the welfare of a child would be such a controversial idea! She is being used by the political elite and will be tossed aside when they have finished with her. I'm sorry for you that you can't see that.
  9. The manipulation of any minor is wrong but especially a particularly vulnerable one. Clearly you are OK with it though!
  10. Don't remember saying that I deny climate change.....? My point isn't even about climate change, it could be about any subject really. Using children for political gain is wrong. Open your eyes
  11. She's just a pawn in a political game, it's just sad that people can't see through it. Shameful really
  12. I have no idea what her level of understanding of the issue is, that's not really relevant. I do know that last week 10,000s of UK school children were taken out of lessons to "protest" by teachers, irrespective of the children's views on climate change.
  13. Whatever your views around climate change, the manipulation and indoctrination of children for political and ideological purposes cannot be supported
  14. It's sad that the climate change movement has now reverted to getting a child with Asperger's syndrome to peddle their hysteria. Seems like child abuse to me.
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