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  1. Thoughts on lawrence so far

    Ince scored 11 in his first 18 matches Lawrence has none in his first 14 Says it all really. Starting to look like another massive waste of money. Hope I'm wrong though
  2. 'From the start I thought we were magnificent'

    Cardiff looked very average, I'll be surprised if they're in the top two for much longer.
  3. RamsTV

    Yeah on android you can split two apps across the screen. I had the Barnsley Cup match commentary playing in the browser and Google navigation running at the same time.
  4. Time to go !

    We sit back so he can watch the opposition do it
  5. Time to go !

    Clough 2 when he's sacked from Burton?
  6. RamsTV

    I mean the stream... not the performance
  7. RamsTV

    Second half was ok on the website
  8. RamsTV

    Yes. It just says "we'll notify you when live coverage is available"
  9. RamsTV

    Not in uk, still not working
  10. RamsTV

    Not me
  11. RamsTV

    Not working for me
  12. TV screens

  13. Amazing goals thread

  14. Best and worse 3 managers in the last 40 years.

    Best- Smith Burley Cox Worst- Pearson Jewell Clough
  15. Commons

    Best player we've had since relegation...pushed close by Ince. Imo

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