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  1. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Jimbo Ram in Relegation watch   
    Don’t think Reading had anything to play for when they beat us on the last game of the season and kicked us out of the play offs did they 🤔
  2. Angry
    NottsRam77 reacted to Robert Earnshaws Workrate in Relegation watch   
    Wycombe, Wednesday, Cov all spanked.

    Rotherham peeing away their games in hand.

    We'll be mathematically safe by the time we beat Preston. Job done.
  3. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to DerbyRam! in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    This now a poor performance overall and important points lost if we don't get anything. Though we have played well!
    Before the game would take 0-1 all day. But now we've had at least 3 very good chances to equalise and we haven't simply due to poor quality at the last moment
  4. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Gritstone Ram in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Norwich are giving us room in the centre lesser team don’t give us such luxuries.
  5. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Coconut in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    It tells me that you can't separate scoring a few long range goals now and then and then from actually being an all-round quality player.
  6. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to DanS1992 in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    That management is crap.
  7. Haha
    NottsRam77 reacted to sage in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Our lack of pace is glaring here.
    Not sure why the ref has stopped the game twice with no foul or head injury.
    Stopping our devastating counter attacks 😄
  8. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Bald Eagle's Barmy Army in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    I’m not sure Joz can have many more chances. He’s one of the main reasons we aren’t creating anything. Breaks play down every time 
  9. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to DanS1992 in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    It is like groundhog day. Give the ball away very cheaply, then win it back, only to give it away again. Rinse and repeat until we make a mistake that allows them to score. Fairly easy playing Derby wouldn't you think?
  10. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Andicis in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    He was rubbish here. Him doing well in another club doesn't change he was rubbish here. 
  11. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Ghost of Clough in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Forsyth's long balls are superb. His short passing is atrocious
  12. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Needlesh in El DerbyCo   
    I'm a tired middle aged man. I don't have reserves of rage to bring to bear on topics around what might go wrong, or what should have been done. I'm sad that Mel is walking away, sad for us and for him, that the effort in sweat and treasure he's put in to getting us promoted never worked out. Blame him if you want, but few of us could or would have done better. He deserved to sit in the executive box at Old Trafford and The Emirates and watch our team mix it with the best again. I'll always respect him and wish him well.
    The new guy is a clean slate, a fresh start. We have a new season over the horizon and if we can just win a couple more games and stay up, positives in the academy and the managers office and hope for the future.
    Good luck to him, and I hope the takeover and the relegation battle conclude successfully in this next couple of weeks.
    Up the Rams. It's all about the hope.
  13. Haha
    NottsRam77 reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in El DerbyCo   
  14. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to DCFClks in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Possibly the worst ever line-up I've picked for a Derby game.
    Try and do what we did in the reverse fixture, frustrate them as much as possible, kill the game and we might fluke something with a set piece or they might leave space behind for Lawrence and Jozwiak's pace. They might not be as disciplined as they're already up.
    I don't trust Mengi and Wisdom as CB's in a back 4 or McDonald after the last game, Just get as many bodies back and leave as little room as possible for them.
  15. Haha
    NottsRam77 reacted to Olton Ram in New name for Stadium   
    We could rename it as Derby's answer to the Nou Camp
    The Boo Camp

  16. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to RoyMac5 in El DerbyCo   
    Simon Jordan has no problem calling things as he sees them does he, so that's interesting.
  17. Like
    NottsRam77 reacted to ram59 in El DerbyCo   
    I hope that he isn't talking about Paul Clement!
  18. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Leeds Ram in El DerbyCo   
    I don't think Conway or anyone should be publishing pieces until they can fully verify how much money there is, who is backing him and an actual clarified roadmap for the club that can be produced. We need a rigorous investigation into this bloke and his revenue sources immediately to make sure this doesn't blow up in our faces. Going off what he's saying is a classic error and the guy seems like a chancer- SBW dug up some quotes from the Sheffield Wednesday chairman saying they couldn't keep him on as he was untrustworthy and he promised things he couldn't deliver on. The whole guys profile and attitude screams mendacious charlatan if you ask me. 

     If he had so much money himself why was he merely an advisor at Sheffield Wednesday and forced out the club due to broken promises?  If he's the real deal why has no-one been able to get much information on his net worth for example? Why does his actual company have a couple of quid in the bank and his footballing agency atm represents such massive names as John Flanagan... None of this screams like he's a 'big player' 
  19. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Betty Swollocks in El DerbyCo   
    Its more likely that Jordan`s source is Mel Morris
  20. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Ambitious in El DerbyCo   
    I guess we wait and see, but I can't stress how much I REALLY didn't want to see this come to fruition.
    I really don't like the idea of a guy who is openly far right, with limited cash of his own, coming in to become the figure head of a unknown consortium. A 29-year-old at that. 
    This very much looks like a nail in the coffin to me, rather than anything I can be optimistic about. If you're anything but concerned then I would really like to know what you know, because this is a bigger red flag than the fake Shiekh in my opinion. 
  21. Like
    NottsRam77 reacted to jono in El DerbyCo   
    Well I’d love some tapas stands and some decent red wine. Steaming Paella on a rainy Wednesday night worth a try. Whatever your Brexit position, European food makes plastic American franchise stuff look distinctly none league. Bring on the patatas bravas
    Bracing myself for impact 🤣
    Now are we going to be Real Derby County or Atletico Derby County and will sheep heads be thrown at Forest fans ? Ole ole ole ole. 
  22. Haha
    NottsRam77 reacted to EranioIsGod in El DerbyCo   
    At least the Daily Mail will be off our back with a far right wing owner..... 
  23. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in El DerbyCo   
    All I can say is Wigan
  24. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to mwram1973 in El DerbyCo   
    I think the only 2 things, imo, Mel has done wrong in his spell is
    1/ Sacked Mac the 2nd time
    2/ trusted certain managers with a poo ton of his cash.
  25. Clap
    NottsRam77 reacted to Steve How Hard? in El DerbyCo   
    You're right I don't think for one minute he'd intentionally leave us in the wrong hands but he has had some what of a reverse midas touch at times. I feel incredibly sorry for him that he never achieved his ultimate goal with us. I just hope he can put his health problems behind him and get back to being a fan like the rest of us. 
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