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  1. RamsTV Meets Charlie George

    Apart from the Bobby Davison disappointment I've enjoyed the interviews with Gibbo with Shane Nicholson's I thought standing out from the rest, but this one with Charlie George made me laugh out loud when he told the story of the nurse and his shirt at Derby Hospital. Great interview and what a memory he has to recall detail to that level- very impressive. Well done Gibbo and well done Charlie , I hope you entertain people with your stories for many years to come.
  2. Ipswich Town F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Useless piece of information but a large coincidence. In 2014-15 we played our 25th game away at Ipswich, won 1-0 and moved on to 48 points
  3. RamsTV

    Last Saturday while on a golfing holiday in Turkey I tried to live stream the Albion match as a one off but failed miserably to navigate the website. I am a home subscriber to Ram TV and knew I had to pay a one off additional fee to see the match but couldn't see how to do it. In the end I got frustrated and listened to the Radio Derby commentary which was fine but not what I wanted. Has anyone else had the same problems or am I on my own.

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