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  1. Best matches ever....oh yes

    Perhaps this might help- I have the cutting from The DET written by George Edwards (the Steve Nicholson of the time) which I think captures some of the emotion of the night beautifully. I apologise if it takes up a lot of space .I took a photo of the cutting but don't know how to post it on here so on a miserable rainy day when I don't fancy getting wet on the Golf course I've done it the hard way. FINEST NIGHT FOR YEARS AS RAMS TAKE CHELSEA APART "Imagine a boxer staggering around the ring, battered, bewildered, not knowing which way to turn and finally sinking to the floor. That was Chelsea at the Baseball Ground last night- played to death- thoroughly and completely taken apart by a Derby County scaling new heights" The Rams were a goal down until the 77th minute . Then inevitably Chelsea went under as wave after wave of white shirts hit them time and again. And they were not just outfought THEY WERE OUTSKILLED. Three goals in the last 13 finished them, as the Rams go to Everton on October 16th in the 4th round of the League Cup after a replay win that will be talked about for years......... their tenth match without defeat. And not just the younger Rams fans are getting excited now. Men who have been watching Derby County for 30 years or more were hailing this display as one of the best they could remember. It seemed for some time that this might be the great let down. Honour in defeat and so on. Chelsea defended superbly and Bonetti's goalkeeping was tremendous. A breakaway goal brilliantly taken by Birchenall had temporarily rocked the Rams and Chelsea always seemed to find an extra man to scramble the ball away. Yes Chelsea were a good side . They were hard , professional, strong , quick and ruthless in the tackle. BUT LAST NIGHT THEY WERE SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH. DERBY'S CLOCKWORK INTER- PASSING - THE BALL FLASHING FROM MAN TO MAN IN EXTRAORDINARY FASHION HAD CHELSEA CHASING SHADOWS IN MIDFIELD. How the Londoners grafted - and how they suffered. Heroes? It would be grossly unfair to single out individuals for this was a magnificent team display. Individuals of course did play well but as a part of a team which now has confidence to spare. There were no hopeful upfield passes.....no wild clearances under pressure. Defenders in a spot and forwards caught near the line just looked up and clipped the ball to a colleague .. for there was always a colleague oh hand to help. Right from the start the pattern was set. Hinton won the ball deep in his own half and raced 70 yards swaying away from two lunging tackles on his way. Across came his centre and when the ball was half cleared non- stop Alan Durban lashed in a shot which Bonetti just pushed around. That was the start of the action for this briliant goalkeeper who put on an England display. The ball was skidding about all over the place on the wet surface and a minute later Bonetti dived to to save a Hinton drive. Chelsea came back and Birchenall was put clear on the right. He was poised to shoot, then across raced McFarland and that was it. He whipped the ball away with a great tackle, climbed to his feet and flipped a pass upfield. O'Hare then sent Hinton away with a great pass and Hector was caught just offside as he headed his centre. Next Hinton kicked a Hector shot off the line and Bonetti saved from Carlin as Chelsea brought everybody back. All of a sudden in the 26th minute came a Chelsea goal. Houseman out on the left went inside Webster and just evaded a Carlin tackle. He slipped the ball across and Birchenall from 30 yards hit a terrific shot into the corner of the net. Green had no earthly chance. Straight away the Rams went back. O'Hare was obstructed by Marvin Hinton as he went through and the free kick was scraped clear. Webb stopped a Hinton pile diver and a succession of corners followed with Chelsea defending well and The Rams throwing attacks in from all angles. But at half time it wass still 0-1 and the fans though appreciative were worried. IN THE SECOND HALF HOWEVER THEY GOT RIGHT BEHIND THE TEAM. I CAN'T REMEMBER THE CHANT OF "DERBY. DERBY THUNDERING ROUND THE GROUND LIKE THIS. Osgood held Walker back as he tried to go through and the grafting winger was then felled by Hollins. Carlin was obstructed in the penalty area and with the noise deafening Bonetti made an incredible save in the scramble that followed. A power drive from O'Hare flew to safety off a defender ....... Hector cracked in a volley on the turn which Bonetti somehow got across to turn around, and the next sight was that of the wonderful Mcfarland winning the ball in his own half, beating a man, pushing it up to Carlin , racing through for the returnand finally overlapping as the attack moved on. But goals ? They just would not come....... until the 77th minute. And then the irrepressible Mackay equalised. Carlin with whom Chelsea never got to grips , raced through the middle and suddenly backheeled the ball. MACKAY FOLLOWING UP, HIT A 30 YARDER WHICH DIPPED LATE AND DECEIVED BONETTI COMPLETELY. A Walker header was brilliantly saved , and an O'Hare header was somehow forced away . Thern cam the secon goal in the 83rd minute. A minute earlier Hutchinson clear, had been brilliantly tackled by Walker. The ball bounced back to Hutchinson 4 yards out, but Walker somehow got another tackle in to save the day and bring the house down. THEN THE TALENTED YOUNG NO.7 BURST THROUGH ON THE LEFT, CROSSED PERFECTLY AND DURBAN RACING IN HEADED PAST BONETTI. Four minutes later the crowd erupted again. Robson who had a great game , slipped over a center and O'Hare almost turned it in. Bonetti and Hector went for it and it was the Derby star who got there first for a well deserved goal. And there could have been more. Hinton centerd and Carlin moved on to the ball. Osgood clearly held him back and the result was a flurry of fists- and the names of both players going into the referee's book. A sad end - in a way but it was not entirely unexpected. Osgood has great ability but his petulance will always get him into trouble. AFTER THE MATCH THEY WERE ALL TALKING: Chairman Sydney Bradley" This was a night I shall remember as long as I live. What a wonderful display by the team and how wonderful our supporters were." Football League President Len Shipman: "This reminded me of the from Derby 20 years ago. A wonderful match"
  2. Season ticket swap

    I've read all of the comments on this thread and have to say in my 60+ years of watching the Rams ( the last twenty as a season ticket holder) I have experienced most if not all of the emotions described . Sorry to go on but in " the old days" when your own team wasn't doing well, very often people would go to watch an opposition player who perhaps was an international and could do things our players couldn't. We didn't get the game thrust down our throats from every direction and see every goal from every angle like today so football was a novelty we saw every fortnight and for an hour on a Saturday night (one game only) and a live Cup Final at the end of the season. Even then the Baseball Ground was usually only 1/3 to 1/2 full except on special days against the top of the league or perhaps we had been doing well for a few games. In other words we went to see something different from the norm which in effect was to be entertained and hopefully if the Rams won so much the better . There was never ever any sense of entitlement and even in the really bad times I can never ever remember the team being booed like they are today . Not me I hasten to add. So I too wonder why I get so gloomy and dispirited when we don't perform ( we're supposed to be better than the other teams) aren't we? because we've spent loads of money, most of it poorly in my opinion. Strangely I don't feel an affinity with many if any of the present squad , I don't know why but no-one excites me like they should .Far too many players with only one foot and plenty that can't head or tackle. When we go through a game and have less than five shots on target or sometimes less than five shots in total I do wonder where the game is going. "Are the coaches to blame" ? afraid of being sacked for a few poor results and putting 10 men behind the ball at the first sign of danger, What about the owners who sack the coaches? What about the players earning so much money that the owners need to get good results to be able to pay them? What about all these posh Academies - Are they a box ticking exercise? what evidence is there to support that the vast outlays reap their reward. My apologies for going on and probably off topic, just me trying to express my thoughts - Will I still be buying my Season ticket? - Of course I will - hope springs eternal.
  3. Derby County vs Burton Albion - match day thread

    You are not wrong but my comment was more out of the three "forwards" on show last night he is/was the most likely of them to get any sort of a header away. Ince and Anya have undeniable strengths but heading a football is not one of them.
  4. Derby County vs Burton Albion - match day thread

    Not very often I post but for me stating the obvious I know but we were very disappointing in our ability to unlock their defence , If we play 4-3-3 then that system relies heavily on a midfield player being able to support and sometimes go past our lone striker. Unfortunately neither Butterfield or Hughes have that in their game - both very talented but not fast enough or mobile enough to do that job. It also relies on the fullbacks being able to get to the byline and put in a decent cross. Time without number we had opportunities to cross but they were wasted through either poor crosses or the fact there there was no one in the box to aim at. Bent is the only person in our front three capable and brave enough to out muscle a defender and get a header away and he was always outnumbered . We are very lightweight and only Ince, Bent and to a much lesser extent Butterfield ever look likely of scoring from open play because we never get anyone into dangerous position. All in all tonight just really confirmed for me that we may have spent millions but as a team with the right ingredients we have very much gone backwards from three years ago.

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