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  1. SEAO

    Fikayo Tomori

    your attacks gonna halt Cos he's faster than Bolt That's Tomori
  2. SEAO

    Crazy Keogh hating

    just watched the full 90 back to see if I was at a different game to the Keogh haters. Apart from a few misplaced passes and perhaps being turned a bit easily for their third he played ok. certainly a lot worse performers around him on the day.
  3. SEAO

    Season Tickets

    artificial grass for the lawn - just a few plants takes 5 minutes - play golf as often as I can. This retirement lark quite suits me - been at it 13 years now .
  4. SEAO

    Season Tickets

    Not the easiest figure to work out as some sections of the ground show a sold out message ( West Stand Upper) and East Stand Upper when you look at the plan of the ground , and these sections are always only half full even when there's 27000+ in so I've chosen to ignore the "sold out" sign and taken it that no seats have been sold at all in those areas. I wanted to find out the Lampard effect on Season tickets so from the beginning of June I had a count up and have been monitoring the sales over the last few weeks. When I started my little experiment I reckon we had sold about 20870 and since then we have risen by another 460 to 21330- so the appointment of the new manager has not had a dramatic effect . These are not bang on accurate but should be close and certainly show the difference between then and now. A bit of a geek I know but I take an interest in these things and as a retired member of society I have the time to do it.
  5. SEAO

    Name that Ram

    Think that one is Paul Hooks-may be mistaken
  6. SEAO

    Name that Ram

  7. A couple of things struck me immediately watching that - the first was that there was hardly a back pass worthy of the name in the whole game and the first thought in the players' minds seemed to be was how do I get this forwards while keeping possession. Of course they didn't always get the pass right , but then it was " how do I get it back" as quickly as possible. The second point was that our heroes of yesteryear were just human beings and made mistakes just like today's players. Colin Todd (what a player) gave the ball away on his charges forward Keogh like 3 or 4 times inside 5 minutes. Alan Hinton (the best crosser of a ball I've ever seen ) kept hitting the first man and Roger Davies was struggling to control the ball when it was hit up to him. In those days the only manager that mattered sat in the dugout while the critics shared their opinions with a few mates over a pint unlike today where we have 27000 managers who all have an opinion to share on social media about how poor a particular player is and he should never kick a ball for the club again. I'm not being nostalgic I'm just concerned about the seemingly only way to play modern football that today's coaches understand (dictated by the fear of losing no doubt) is to pass sideways, back, sideways and back to the keeper several times a game- there is little or no excitement left in the game to get old timers like me going to the match because we want to rather than through habit which last season certainly was. Here's hoping for a bit of excitement next season!

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