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    SEAO reacted to SuperDerbySuperRams in Derby County v Hull City Match thread.   
    It beggars belief that we almost sold Huddlestone on deadline day. That was as good a performance that you will see at this level. 
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    SEAO reacted to nottingram in Alex Pearce - Joined Millwall on loan   
    Cracking bloke and has done well for us generally. His run of form when we went back to basics under Mac2 was brilliant and he never took playing for Derby for granted. Is also the first on the bench to celebrate goals etc. Model pro.
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    SEAO reacted to jono in Alex Pearce - Joined Millwall on loan   
    I have a soft spot for Pearce. A good player but more to the point, one that knows instinctively how important fans are.
    i remember vividly in the dark days of Pearson, even after grim days, he stayed, clapped the fans and did the right thing.
    he also was extremely reliable, organised and consistent. If stays I would never have a problem with him on the team sheet. Ronseal man. If he goes then I wish him success by the bucket load. Good man Alex Pearce. Sportsman through and through. 
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    SEAO reacted to DavesaRam in V Bristol City (h) match day thread   
    "Shall we get going, then?" said my son a few minutes after the match had finished.

    I don't see why not", I replied, "because Derby County never did".

    Indolence would be a good description of Derby County's performance today. We actually started pretty well, and quickly looked the most likely to score, and I felt that the match was ours to throw away. And before Keogh's throwaway header did just that, the only chances which Bristol had were ones which we set up for them through poor defending. And after 20 minutes or so we started to change how we were playing, and the balance of play began to change as we went to sideways and backwards passing. This was "Chuckle Brother's football - "to you, to me, to you, to me", but it wasn't just balls out of defence which were inevitably going anyway but forwards. We were taking one or two touches too many everytime we got the ball, and shied away from trying a telling through ball. Radio derby's Craig Ramage got it right when he said that the players were consistently not taking responsibility, instead going for the easy option of sideways or backwards, so any momentum we might have had was quickly dissipated.

    It turn out that this is in fact a tactical choice by Lampard and Morris. I don't know what has happened to the fast-flowing, high pressing game which he espoused early on in the season, and which produced results very time we employed it. Now we are playing a controlled, possession type of football gradually pulling the opposition out of place and then exploiting the gaps which then appear. This works well unless the opposition don't get-pulled out of position, as per today. And with all the extra touches and extra, unnecessary sideways passes, build up is too slow and ponderous. We've been here before. 

    If we are to play this way, we need to show much more pace and speed of thought so that the ball zips around from man to man and doesn't give the other time time to think.

    In the second half, Bristol had made a change or two and gradually began to get the upper hand, even making their own chances instead of waiting for us to get the red carpet out again. And in reality they could have had 5 or 6 goals today because our defence was all over the place. We had a spell from about 70 minutes where we suddenly upped the pace and chances started to appear. Funny that, we up the pace and get chances. How does that work? 

    I thought a heart attack might be coming my way when the ref booked one of theirs within the first few minutes - this was an unprecedented event at Pride Park, and his obvious huge bias towards the Rams made him look almost fair and even-handed. But he quickly got his reprimand from the EFL, and very soon Brizzle found they could pretty well do what they wanted. Not to the levels of thuggery that usually goes unpunished, but Mount and Wilson got pole-axed about 4 times each without a single free-kick. At least he wasn't as bad as Stroud, although that is probably an impossibility! And when their keeper went down clutching his knee claiming that Nugent's challenge was illegal was stretching the point because our man Nuge was nowhere near him. And he then got several minutes treatment on the other knee. 

    In the end, we were lucky to get a draw, but surely we need to move the ball much much faster, and there has to be more of a hunger for the ball and the result than we saw today.
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    SEAO reacted to ronnieronalde in A question for Derby fans...   
    I can't answer that as for me he's been fired twice and both times were harsh. I don't see any downfall other than impatience from club owners and fans. Fair enough that he had a lot longer at Derby and was given time, if not too much financial backing.
    The downfall I see is that fans and money men can't (or don't) always see the state of the team and what's being built.  Once they've turned, they've turned and then good things get ignored and bad things get highlighted.
    It's still very rare to see anyone on here admit that we were playing very good football already in the season he got fired.  We were, I saw it with my own eyes. Fair enough for those who say Steve took it to another level, I won't argue.
    It's still not safe for me to remind people that in the corresponding fixtures, Steve had an identical points haul with one more goal scored and one less conceded.
    Or that NC had for the first time come out and said he had a squad capable of competing for the play offs.  I still take a bit of stick for it and get accused of being blinkered. I'm not, I just believe in him and his methods.
    I wish others enjoyed the same kind of faith and I don' mean towards NC, I mean in general, it's a really nice feeling to trust the manager of the team you follow. I think you lot should be feeling that feeling right now with Frank, not everything he does will come off but everything he does is for the right reason.
    In my opinion (and it is just my opinion, I'm not asking anyone else to agree) he builds teams the way I like to see. I'm not racist in the slightest but I do prefer teams in England to be built around British players. I like to see clubs bring players through the ranks and I don't like to see clubs throwing millions at it, although I'm prepared to admit I may change that if he ever had millions to spend.
    There was never a better time for me as a Derby fans as to those seasons with Hughes, Hendrick, Bennett, O'Brien, Freeman coming through, knowing a couple of them would go on to be worth a fortune and hoping NC would see the benefit of that. It's a brave manager who plays two or three 15, 16 and 17 years olds in the championship while his job is on the line.
    He has faults, he makes mistakes, it was judged he wasn't good enough for either Derby or Sheffield United, which is fine and fair enough but it won't  change the fact I think he's a good manager. Certainly not in the top one like his old man was but still good.
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    SEAO reacted to ronnieronalde in A question for Derby fans...   
    I'll respect that and your posts on the subject a lot more the next time I see a post from you after one of his very positive interviews and not just one that uses words like disgusting and horrible.
    He got the Derby job based on a lot of things, one of which was his family connection. Nowt wrong with that, his old man did more for this club than most and it's almost the same as people shouting for Igor or Dean Saunders or Gary Rowett to get the job as ex Derby legends (despite only ever playing 100 games??)
    He got the job because at the time Derby were well and truly in the poo financially, going backwards quickly results wise and the manager before did a runner on the back of a virtual mental breakdown. He couldn't handle it it was so bad!!
    I don't believe there was a massive pool to choose from.
    He got the job as well cos he'd done a brilliant job at a club just down the road and he brought guaranteed stability and a knowledge that he wouldn't bugger off at the first sign of trouble or success.
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    SEAO reacted to Curtains in A question for Derby fans...   
    Listened to Nigel on Radio Derby last night and really enjoyed it. 
    He is doing a very good job at Burton and has done so much really for that club. 
    I say all the best to the guy. 
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    SEAO reacted to ronnieronalde in A question for Derby fans...   
    The Barker contract was simply him looking after a bloke who had his life put on hold for putting his body on the line for Derby. I loved him and doing that, the right thing to do.
    There are so many current and ex players who talk about is man management style and his way of looking after them that I don't and won't get this garbagee spouted that he's a poor manager or that he's crap.
    Will Hughes two or three weeks ago saying Clough was his biggest influence on and off the pitch. Will Hughes isn't some thick no brain sunday lesgue player.
    So many of hisos ex players go back to play for him but the fans, the ones who think they know best think he can't man manage cos he criticised someone when they duck up.
    It's such one sided hate or dislike it's not even funny  I'd point some of them to yesterday sportscene interview which was brilliantly insightful with him Aaron Webster and Keith Gilroy but there's a comment on there about how  he should probably have left Derby after the first four months once he'd done his job and kept them up. That means over aggressive fools will ignore everything else and focus on that cos it fits their agenda. 
    He looks after his players, he builds squads with brilliant team spirits and cracking work ethics,  he's done it again at Burton this season on a shoe string yet fools think he can't manage?
    It makes no sense.
    I get that hes not everyone's cup of tea but to spout garbage like hes crap end of is just stupid and narrow minded. 
    Glad you had a good time chatting to whoever it was Sunday pal, and thanks for putting yout own body on he line to be there for your country.
    My brother was an ex army boy. Wasn't decorated I don't think.
    Huge respect and admiration.
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    SEAO reacted to Alpha in Craig Forsyth   
    All the best Fozzy. 
    Underrated LB. The odd idiotic pass and a awkward dribbling style but massively effective. Best LB in ages imo. The daft stuff is usually proper daft and sticks in the memory but there's so much he snuffs out it can be taken for granted. Rarely does anyone have his pants down, he's a monster in the air, very fast and his passing can split teams wide open when he's in form. 
    More importantly he seems like a good lad. Never put a foot wrong with his attitude. Never sulked, complained, got carried away or got too down. 
    Much love for Fozzy 
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    SEAO reacted to 86 points in Haters gonna Hate   
    This is a very long moan about moaners - those of a sensitive disposition, look away now....
    Expectation Vs Entitlement
    We’ve all seen Gladiator, right? ‘Are you not entertained’, bellows Russell Crowe at the baying crowd, having ruthlessly dispatched half a dozen scary looking blokes in ever-increasingly, blood-curdling fashion. So, are we not entertained?
    Last season we were treated to around 40 games of what one might politely term, ‘pragmatic football’. There were maybe half a dozen games where we looked good but for the most part, we sat deep, took zero risks and tried to steal points. It really wasn’t great to watch but we had to admit (or some of us did) that it was more than passably effective given we ended the season a mere 45 minutes away from a play-off final before our total lack of ambition became our ultimate undoing.
    This season we’re a different side. The turgid, ponderous, route one approach has been swept aside in favour of a high-risk, high-tempo game where we simply try to blow teams away with fast, fluid football. In doing so, we always look to build from the back and we avoid humping balls down the channels, all in favour of one-touch interchanges between players who constantly run into spaces, while off the ball, we press like madmen until our legs fill with lactic acid and we can run no more. This approach brings a deal more entertainment value, but it does rather mean that when we are not fully on it, we can be ruthlessly exposed. Both Leeds and Villa, two sides whose personnel have been together for some time and mostly comprise of seasoned professionals, have done exactly that. To compound this, we’ve rather capitulated in both games, and yet quite tellingly, only in those two games. No other teams have really pulled us apart, with the few other lacklustre efforts generally being of our own making. Even then (and often from a goal down) we’ve stuck to our guns and salvaged wins and draws without as a result. That's progress.
    My expectations are quite simple this season. That we stick to the plan and try and play football the way it should be played. I sense that unless we are crippled with injuries, the only way this will not yield a play-off slot is if the players shrink back into their shells and begin to play with fear again. But here’s the thing - it’s not an entitlement – we have no divine right to success. Our net spend in a transformational season was around £1 million and Frank and Jody have only been here a quarter of a season with just a single transfer window in which to re-shape the team. To my mind, they’ve moved mountains, lowering the average age and the wage bill, promoting youth and setting about trying to build a side to progress not just in the current season, but with an eye on the future too. All of this has been done against a backdrop of often sensational football, with the odd shocker thrown in to keep us on our toes. Put simply, it’s been one hell of a ride so far and for my part, I’ve absolutely loved it.
    Much of what I have just described, is precisely what the bulk of malcontents last season were baying for – entertainment, youth, a sounder financial footing, no mercenaries out for a last fat pay check and most important of all, some entertaining football. By and large, the fans have kept their side of the deal. Most have remained upbeat after the adverse results this season, but as always, there’s a core of noisy, know-it-all’s who we only hear from after a defeat or poor performance and who completely lose their perspective anytime some poor miscreant fails to meet their exacting performance standards. That, my friends, is entitlement, pure and simple. We beat West Brom 4-1, Leeds beat us 4-1, West Brom beat Leeds 4-1. It’s the nature of the beast and what makes the Championship so much more compelling than the Prem where it’s 2 or three 3 teams competing at the top and very seldom more.
    Let’s be honest here, there’s a world of difference between stating facts like, ‘Bogle looked exposed today’ or ‘Lawrence went missing and failed to help his fullback’ and some of the utter garbage posted by bedwetting, knee-jerkers who’d have us believe that the sky has just fallen in. The relish with which some on here have been talking about the Villa game as season-defining and other such bolarks makes me genuinely despair. Why is it that the same folk don’t see our performances against the likes of Manure, Sheffield, Chelsea, Brum and the Baggies as being in any way defining, why is it only the games that we lose that are meaningful? These are, of course rhetorical questions, as the answer is abundantly clear to all bar the individuals themselves.
    Let’s talk about Bogle now. Jayden Bogle turned 18 this summer. Three games in, he was being lauded as the next big thing to come out of our academy, a ‘future £20 million’ player and quite rightly so really, but the fact remains that he’s only 13 games into his senior career and as a nipper, will be ruthlessly targeted by teams this season in the hope that he’ll crumble. I think yesterday, he did a little and it was painful to watch. His confidence is, I suspect, at a slightly low ebb right now but does that not mean that he needs our support more at this time than when he’s flying? Do you seriously believe that he and other players won’t have been reading this and other forums since the game and how do we suppose young Jayden would feel reading some of the comments posted?
    As for Tom Lawrence, well he is a different case. He’s become something of a pantomime villain for some of the supposed Derby faithful, mainly, I suspect, because he was Rowett’s prime target and the fact that he cost a fair few quid, neither of which are his fault. He has also been hugely frustrating at times, showing flashes of immense ability on occasions, then playing as if he’s the only Derby player on the park. His work rate seems highly inconsistent too but I think to a degree, he just doesn’t have an engine like a Craig Bryson type player and today he looked out on his feet to me. In truth, he barely lifted a leg and I can fully grasp how that will irk many fans. That said, in recent games he’s played well, better than well in fact and as a result, he’s got a bit love chucked his way from the Derby faithful, many of whom have been staunch in their support of him when perhaps he’s not fully deserved it. Happy-clappers, huh! Yesterday, it’s fair to say, he was all Jekyll and no Hyde but does that justify a noisy minority comparing his usefulness to ruptured prophylactics whilst others earnestly stated he should never play for Derby again?
    We can be the architects of our own downfall sometimes, is what I’m trying to say and before some wag asks me what’s wrong with criticising a player, the answer is nothing at all, it’s the way it’s sometimes done that bothers myself and many others on here. Anyone can utter a cross word in the heat of the moment, but when it’s the same folk again and again, it’s going to get a rise out of some on here as is probably the aim anyway. If this is you then just don’t be a baby when a few choice words head back in your direction, eh?
    So, expectation vs entitlement – the former is the right of every fan surely? We expect our team to try hard, to show pride in the club and to prosper when they have all the tools at their disposal and a golden opportunity to do so. I think that’s most of us, right? The latter is the province of hypocrites who clearly believe their own workplace performance never waivers below ‘utterly excellent’ (let alone have days where they absolutely suck) and take a perverse pleasure in denigrating a team they claim to support. These ‘fans’ most often blithely assume that we need only turn up to win every game which then affords them the moral imperative to ruin the team when things go wrong. Makes me genuinely despair sometimes. There's nowt wrong with expectation, belief and dreams. The other thing, not so much. COYR
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    SEAO reacted to Ellafella in In a Nutshell: Rams V Aston Villa   
    1.       I’ve always had a soft spot for Aston Villa; William McGregor, Claret N Blue, lovely old stadium; good support, traditional old club, Sid Cowans!..marvellous…what a player! , oooh…jumpers for goal posts, that sort of thing. Oh! and I did have trials for them when I was 15. I marked Mark Walters in one of the games and guess what…yep he scored a hat-trick despite being in my back-pocket for the entire 90 minutes. Ok, so he got lucky.
    2.       Buoyed by the news of Edward’s goal for his Saturday team and his 2 assists {I made him give me a frame by frame account of his half-volley from the edge of the box} the Fans’ Park talk pre-match was a tad nervy with debate about FL’s team selection from a depleted squad and envious glances to the Villa team…Tammy Abrahams {who real name is Kevin apparently}, Adomah, Grealish et al…Oh we were in for a tough one. There was general agreement that we needed Tomori’s pace to counter said Kevin and many said they’d take a point now….
    3.       A beautifully  sombre pre-match minute’s silence with regimental presence along the touchline and Private Derby in a coat of scarlet before a  30,000 crowd and a tingling atmosphere as two middle-heavyweights went toe-to-toe. First half it was pretty much end-to-end: there was a thumping shot from Harry Wilson which stung the Villa stopper’s hands, and a medley of three shots in a pin-ball frenzy that Derby should really have scored from. Villa too had chances with Abrahams being denied from just a couple of yards by Carson’s instinctive reaction save  but it was Tom Lawrence who was most profligate when clean through with a 1 on 1 he lobbed the ball clean over the bar in a sort of “miss-of-the-season”-Roger-Davies-type-scenario. Fact is though, we never had control of the midfield and it was clear that at half-time whoever took control on that area would win the game.
    4.       And second half it was Aston Villa whose grip gradually tightened. Huddlestone notably retreated 15 yards further back and there began to be wave after wave of Villa menace, notably down their left {our right} with an apparent targeting of Bogle being the main Villa tactic {think me versus Mark Walters back in 1980}; it seemed all too easy for Adomah and Bolasie to get crosses in from the left and so it was for McGinn to head in and Abrahams to flick home before Hourihane’s left-peg free-kick pearler. 3-0 to Villa in a 10 minute goal-fest.
    5.       To add injury to insult, Bennett tweaked a hamstring when stretching for a loose pass and worryingly a distressed-looking Forsyth was accompanied back to the dug-out after going down off the pitch.
    6.       FL hates losing. His post-match was all staccatissimo. Should we panic? No. Villa deserved the 3-0; they are a very good side who will be top 6 come January. The break for once has come at the right time. We need to get injured players back. Time will show that this was a strategic defeat. Sometimes you have to lose a battle to remind you what it takes to win a war.
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    SEAO reacted to 86 points in Mighty Rams   
    What a time to be a Rams fan! Even with the rotten luck we’ve endured in the last couple of games, we’ve looked a side transformed under the stewardship of Frank and Jody, playing proper heads-up, fast and fluid football, the likes of which we missed for years now. Even the Mac1 era didn’t give me the same sort of buzz and we were a fantastic footballing outfit back then. We look absolutely awesome going forward and if we can iron out some indecision at the back, we’re more than a match for any team in the Championship.
    Quite noticeably, the forum seems incredibly unified right now. One or two disdainful voices of course, but they’re barely audible midst the sea of rightful positivity. One or two have, quite tellingly, gone missing in recent weeks, their pearls of wisdom now looking more like piles of poo and I’m almost certain that if we can really get behind the lads and now dwell on the inevitable bumps in the road, this can be our year. I’m not fretting on the play-offs (yes, I did predict 4th end of season but I’ve reviewed my stance since then!), rather I’m seriously hopeful that we can avoid that lottery and dictate our own route to the Premiership via the autos. Yes, it may be early to be thinking as much but if we can’t dream with the way we’re playing now, when exactly would the naysayers allow it?
    A last thought would be what happens when we get there? Well right now I reckon we’re a better outfit than a deal of the firms already there. Would we fear the likes of Newcastle, Huddersfield, Cardiff? What about Burnley, Southampton and Palace? I think we’d be comfortably mid-table and that’s without £150 mill to further strengthen the team. Our net spend this year was @£1 mill so who knows what Frank could do with a proper war chest at his disposal? There’ll be those thinking. ‘well you’re going to look pretty stupid if it all goes tits up’ but then I’d retort than anyone who is to scared to enjoy this ride has already lost the plot. Each to their own I guess but right now I’m absolutely loving it. The fact that I’m saying as much when we’ve just been dumped out of a Cup comp, especially given the ill-fortune suffered tonight, well that speaks volumes in itself. The only future I can currently conceive of is bright and white. The Rams are back in town chaps, we're most definitely back!  COYR
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    SEAO reacted to Dordogne-Ram in Chris Martin   
    Top post, eloquently put !
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    SEAO got a reaction from Scrumpyram in Fikayo Tomori   
    your attacks gonna halt
    Cos he's faster than Bolt
    That's Tomori
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    SEAO reacted to Archied in Fikayo Tomori   
    He can head
    he can run
    catches pigeons for fun
    thats tomori 
    rammage would like that one
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    SEAO reacted to Seaside Ram in Fikayo Tomori   
    Runs as fast as you drive, he's the Rams number 5 , thats Tomori .
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    SEAO reacted to Chester40 in Great style of football   
    Loved the performance again last night...such positivity!!!
    From... the daring team selection, the desire to keep piling forward when we are ahead, players desperate to get forward into the box, players across the pitch taking the ball to feet in dangerous positions, persisting playing from the back, substitutions that aren't designed to just shut game down etc etc 
    Can we PLEASE remember this when there is inevitably a low.
    For all the joy yesterday....imagine ...
    1) We got taken to school as it looked like we could for first 10mins ... ' oh Frank is too naive, he's tactically clueless going there so open'.
    2) Lawrence had blasted wide not scored  'oh he's so greedy Malone was there just pass it to him'
    3) Keogh blunder results in Rodriguez finding his man 'oh Keogh, you're useless and have let them back in it now'
    4) Malone gets dispossessed and they score 'what are we doing at 3-0 pushing forward..we let them back in it'....etc etc
    If you play this way..sometimes it will go wrong. We will concede 'sloppy' goals playing it out...we will throw away leads pushing for goals.. and yes a team like Boro may over power our young vibrant midfield.
    That's the risk-reward and without the risk of taking the ball to feet, creating space, looking to thread the ball, overloading defences... you are reduced to launching it hopefully.
    Symbolically it is playing Hudds instead of Johnson...and boy when it works it works. I have been critical of Hudds movement in the past ...but Pirlo-esque he allowed the rest to revolve round him.
    What a joy. If we lose we lose the right way...way it should be.
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    SEAO reacted to TuffLuff in In praise of Tom Huddlestone   
    Not 100% sure he’s a long term option over the season but he’s certainly making me eat my words at the minute and I don’t mind one bit!
    A thought I had last night was that as although there were a few of us who wanted to see Martin, Thorne, Butterfield and a few others get their chance this season that the players who are now in and around the 11 suit how we want to play perfectly and again I have no issue with who’s in/out for the first time in a long time.
    What Frank/Jody have achieved is that we aren’t over reliant on one player anymore, if someone picks up an injury there’s enough trust with who comes in that they can pick up the pieces. 
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    SEAO reacted to TimRam in Premier League 2?   
    No what should happen is that Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U, Man C, Spurs, Arsenal should just break away and never come back. They have made the Premiership and cup competitions so predictable and the "Champions" league boring.
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    SEAO reacted to SK47 in Same old story   
    This is for the recurring moaning supporters..
    we have seen Clough, Mac (twice), Pearson, Clement, Wassall, Rowett and Lampard...
    We have had the original young team under Mac with the likes of Hendrick, Hughes, Ibe, Lingaard, Martin, Ince etc (Ince came the season after I know)and It was said we were too lightweight/predictable in the end and Mac couldn't stop the rott.
    Since then we have seen many changes in the team, management, where youth was substituted for experience because according to the moaners that's what was needed.. which unfortunately resulted in A slow boring show of Rowett Ball and not the promotion sure team we were thought it could be.
    And here we are with Lampard. A highly thought of individual that so happens to be the highest scoring midfielder in Premier league history. A man with many contacts, great staff, and has reduced the age of last year's team by quite some way to give us the energy we lacked last year and ultimately overall has made football enjoyable again.
    But still yet again, we have the moaners.
    One minute it's "we don't have a 20+ goal striker"
    Then it's "we can't just rely on our 20+ goal striker"
    then we get rid of him and it's "we miss our 20+ goal striker" 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
    People go on about Mel being the trigger happy chairman but I'm convinced if half of you lot were in his position you would be worse! 
    But What I want to know moaners, is what do you think we need this time? And Do you not think we have tried enough changing already? Can we not just enjoy the ride instead?
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    SEAO reacted to Hathersage Ram in Crazy Keogh hating   
    It's really interesting people's views on Chris Martin and Richard Keogh.
    I have made my views on Chris Martin in the thread on his thread in transfer Rumours.
    However my appreciation for Richard Keogh is high. As I have previously stated.
    If a player (be it Keogh or a. n. other  DCFC player) gives his all, effort and determination wise, then I will always back him. As in life I appreciate hard work and effort above all else. Yes talent and ability are nice, but nothing without the former.
    And in Richard Keogh, all I have ever seen is a guy who would put his body on the line for Derby, a man who gives his complete maximum effort, when he walks off a pitch at the end of the match, you watch him. He has given his all!
    Also other posters on here who are lavish in their praise of CM choose to ignore other successful managers who didn't really rate CM, but they are derided. However, which manager (and we have had plenty) didn't play Keogh? I wonder why.
    Keogh epitomises the strength of character we need, yes he hasn't had the best of starts to the season, he looks rusty, or maybe he is finding building a partnership with the midfield newcomers difficult. I don't know, but hopefully he will find his feet again quickly as we certainly need him, we have a lot of new players and I think we need some stability going forward.
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    SEAO got a reaction from Ghost of Clough in Crazy Keogh hating   
    just watched the full 90 back to see if I was at a different game to the Keogh haters. Apart from a few misplaced passes and perhaps being turned a bit easily for their third he played ok. certainly a lot worse performers around him on the day. 
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    SEAO reacted to McLovin in Harry Wilson   
    I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but I’ve been very disappointed with him in the last few games after a good pre season and all the reviews about him by Hull and Liverpool fans. He’s all left foot , seems very weak and fragile and doesn’t seem particularly quick. It seems to be leaving us very unbalanced on the right hand side because Wilson keeps wanting to come inside on his left foot and Wisdom doesn’t provide anything offensively. However, he’s a talented player so I don’t want to give up on him. 
    That leads me onto my next point. I’m watching Arsenal v Man City and a player who is very similar to Harry Wilson in stature and attributes, Bernardo Silva, is playing on the right side of a 3 man midfield and he’s been fantastic. I wonder if it would be worth giving Wilson a try in a similar position and the same position  that Saiz played for Leeds yesterday? Wilson appears to be blessed with his technique and has plenty of workrate. With players like Wilson, you want them influencing the game by being creative and the best way to do this is by playing him in the middle of the pitch rather than isolated on the wing, just like Saiz did for Leeds. If I recall correctly, Wilson played in midfield in one of the pre season games and did a fine job there.
    This would allow us to play Jozefzoon on the right wing and would give the team better balance as his pace would give us an option to run in behind opposition full backs. Wisdom then wouldn’t have to worry about contributing to anything offensively.
    TLDR: I propose playing Wilson in midfield where his creative ability would be put to more use alongside Mount and a defensive midfielder. This would then allow Jozefzoon to play on right wing.
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    SEAO reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in Chris Martin   
    Lol.....I know what you mean.
    Made me think tho:
    Is there any reason why so many are clamouring for him to leave when he is seemingly the perfect fit for the hold up striker role in lampards side?....
    It's a role that he has performed perfectly in the past but hasn't yet been given the chance to...why do we think that anyone else would perform the role better?
    Last Friday it wasn't nugents pace that was required it was someone to hold onto the ball up top until the rest of the team caught up.
    I sometimes think in the race to bring in exciting new names into the squad we are liable to throw the baby out with the bathwater. 
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    SEAO got a reaction from The Key Club King in Season Tickets   
    Not the easiest figure to work out as some sections of the ground show a sold out message ( West Stand Upper) and East Stand Upper when you look at the plan of the ground , and these sections are always only half full even when there's 27000+ in so I've chosen to ignore the "sold out" sign and taken it that no seats have been sold at all in those areas.  I wanted to find out the Lampard effect on Season tickets so from the beginning of June I had a count up and have been monitoring the sales over the last few weeks.
    When I started my little experiment I reckon we had sold about 20870 and since then we have risen by another 460 to 21330- so the appointment of the new manager has not had a dramatic effect . These are not bang on accurate but should be close and certainly show the difference between then and now. 
    A bit of a geek I know but I take an interest in these things and as a retired member of society I have the time to do it.

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