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  1. Photo of the Academy lads including Sibley training at Allestree Park posted on Twitter yesterday.#Derby County Academy
  2. Not sure if this has been done before but while on the break for a couple of weeks I thought it might be interesting for people to offer their opinion on who they think are the most famous players to have played for the Rams. This does not necessarily have to be the best players but those they think whose name would be recognised instantly by football followers worldwide. To some extent this might mean more recent players since the advent of television and the internet etc. but you never know.! I'll start it off with my choices ( I've got seven) but let's see who else crops up. Perhaps a team could be made. Peter Shilton- Ashley Cole- Fabrizio Ravanelli- Georgie Kinkladze- Charlie George- Archie Gemmill- Taribo West
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