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Shakell Sale the Tipping Point? Time for CHANGE!


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Several threads on here now starting in earnest to get rId of GSE. Here's my simple take on the current situation.....

Less than 12 months ago DCFC were hailing Barker and Shakell as the defensive pairing to build the club around. Barks sustains a long term injury from which he may never fully recover and we sell Shakell. Macguire and Shakell sales combined effectively break-even. So all this long term planning that has been sold to us, building for the future.....sorry, actions speak louder than words and I am afraid to say, my faith in GSE has all but disappeared. There's absolutely no way Clough could possibly have wanted to sell Shakell in the circumstances. Yet these multi-billionaire owners of ours have clearly offered him no option. If he needs to improve the team he needs to sell first.....what on earth are they doing? This isnt Doncaster FC and Clough has shown a good eye for a player with potential so far. DCFC is and always will be a club that should be in the Premier League - our attendances alone highlight this. If after 5 years with GSE we still arent generating the required level of income with the average attendances we get, then GSE have failed.

Sorry, but for me this game of shirades is over. GSE OUT! NOW!!


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