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The goal that wasn't?

Red Elvis

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David, have you pulled your wisdom teeth out, I can sense the going down threat?

No your fine, I want Norwich and Southampton to lose more than Derby do.

Hence it may cost me money and a Red Tattoo view but my pins are entrenched into Norwich and Soton Voodoo Dolls.

NO WORRIES! we'll get you next season, promise! I HOPE!:eek:

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Originally posted by Red Elvis;11111

Are Derby playing well though?

Wasnt as bad as the result shows tbh, midfield and going forward is okay, tracking back is bad, id love for a scrappy goal like forest get

forever trying to walk it into the goal away from home it seems lol

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Its not good signs, bad luck injuries, etc,

Forest had most of that all season!

The season will end just in time for Derby, but too early for Forest, now we are in Play Off form!

Derby, Leicester,Forest,Newcastle, Leeds Utd, Boro could be the best League in England 2009/10 with the Forest near the top!

I was gonna say top, but would come across as biased

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