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Tom Glick interview Freeview Ramsplayer


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Normally i just think Glick is a clever salesman and knows how to use his words but for some reason in this interview i actually believe him too.

if he not telling the truth then he should be hung , strung and quartered in the centre circle but i dont reckon it will come to that.

onwards and upwards as of next season :p

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I actually believed this interview. The BIG BIG thing for me is the public statement of MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Now he maybe the master of spin, but this is something you can not back out of now.

I am happy with this statement, CLough looks like he will be backed at last and if this is the case then he can be judged. He has proven he can get us playing football lets see if he can maintain with the players around him. The good thing he commented on for me was positions.

Frank Fielding will be coming 9/5/11.

New good quality CB in on transfer another LB

New midfielder creative.

Two good goal scorers.

This is the 6 players at least Clough talking about. Although possibilty of Bosmans not reliant on these especially up front which is positive.

If this is spin could be very expensive.

I was always renewing but really glad at present I am as I can not lose at present. If they screw it up in summer can get my money back lol.

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I believe him too. I think that they have always had good intentions but penny pinching has cost them in the long run (not quite offering the amounts required on fees and wages) and have seen us miss out. I hope that we keep our targets under wraps this time around as it is never a good idea to spout off about who you are chasing. In the past I think they may have released the names of players to appease the fans only to see an even bigger backlash when the proposed signings do not materialise-keep schtum and sign them quicker and sign them cheaper!

I do wish that Ramsplayer would quit the weird angle, black and white "arty" close ups in the middle of interviews! It's like a 16 year old media studies student has finally been entrusted with a camera.

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