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The matchday experience


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With reference to Andy Appleby's latest interview in the American press where he answered the question;

QUESTION: What American-style business and marketing practices did you bring to Derby County, and how have they worked or not worked?

and his reply was;

I think the biggest thing we've brought is a much greater degree of fan (customer) service. We really try to show our fans we care and do lots of special things for them that in the past were not done.

I'd like to ask a genuine question (well two connected questions);

Do you feel your 'matchday experience' has been enhanced in the last 3 years? And if so, why?

Do you feel that the lack of atmosphere at PPS is because the background of the people going to PPS nowadays has changed from the traditional BBG terrace type to those who go for the new American type 'matchday experience?

I'm not trying to beat them with another stick here, I'm just genuinely interested.

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First question: Not sure its improved all that much, though they do get the kids involved alot more and we've had a few interesting performances put on (Remember the army demonstration?) So they've done a bit yes, but not a huge difference.

Second Question: Modern stadiums are like this, ours is as bad as many other clubs out there. Atmoshpere just isn't what it was, I never experienced the BBG, but even I think our stadium is poor for atmosphere for the most part.

It's like that at many clubs though, including bigger ones. The Emirates is woeful for atmoshphere, truly awful.

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This day and age the atmosphere will have changed dramatically due to matchdays being aimed at families now, nearly every stadium in the country has a 'family stand' and they encourage people to take their kids, etc.

It's a safe place for the family to have a day out as such, whereas I think with the terraces it wouldn't be seen as a safe place to take your kids, especially with all the health and safety around nowadays

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