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Thanks for the memories Kris


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I for one would like to say Thanks to Kris for all the memories he got us.

I am sure many Derby fans will never forget the day he scored against Manchester United


That goal he scored against Nottingham Forest to make it 3-2 was a magical moment and one that I won't forget once again.


He scored some absolutley cracking goals. The one against Blackpool, against Man United, 2 against Boro etc

Small montage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsHGpruYJh0&feature=related

21 league goals for us and I would like to Thank Commons for his efforts, all his goals, assists, performances.

On his day one of the best players outside the premier league and if he gets more consistent he could be on a lot more then 20k a week.

Sad day for Derby fans seeing as our most influential player is leaving :mad:

Can't blame Kris for being ambitious and wanting to play Champions League football as it could be his last big chance.

Definatley his best season with us and some of his efforts earlier on in the season were exceptional.

Good luck Kris.

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