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Ferguson axed as Rangers captain

Ferguson and McGregor were shown making V-signs on international duty

Rangers have stripped Barry Ferguson of the captaincy and dropped the midfielder and keeper Allan McGregor after breaching Scotland discipline.


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Originally posted by David;8036

Come on then PTR we know what your waiting to do, you have another picture with someone sticking up 2 fingers. Lets get it out the way and post it up now.

Nah being serious here...this is basically just a fingers up to the whole of Scotland.

Let themselves and all their fans down big time.

Pure immaturity.

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True, but think it should of been kept in the Scotland camp, I don't see why he should be stripped of his captaincy at club level, is sticking 2 fingers up at the cameras that serious to lose the captains armband at Rangers?.

Players are always sticking 2 fingers up at the crowd, there has also been cases of them doing it towards there own fans, a fine and a apology and its settled.

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Originally posted by David;8043

Don't forget Teale was out on the lash with them that led to Ferguson being on the bench, why wasn't he dropped and should Clough drop Teale from the team aswell?

Yes, and if you can find another picture of Teale giving it the 2 fingers...a double yes.

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Originally posted by David;8046

I just don't see it being a club issue, what he did was away from the club and on international duty let Burley deal with it not Rangers.


Now for that...your banned.


Rangers' Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor have been told they will never play for Scotland again.


How could they justify their innocence?

I didn't mean to swear, i just tend to hold my head like that when i think....and when i pick my nose...and when i scratch my farce.

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Forgot he had played for Blackburn to be honest, maybe a move to Russia will be on the cards for him, Zenit have shown a interest in signing him in the summer.

Either way I think the ban will be lifted for them both, as you say they don't have that many players to choose from.

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