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Next season.


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Whichever League we are in.....


The following players are still under contract for next season OR the club has an option it can trigger (*). ** denotes players who have been U21s this season and may be looked at for a similar role next season. *** Bielik - if we go up we can get a year out of him. If we don't, get rid, either sell or loan for a decent fee with sell on clauses. His 20K wages can fund 2 or 3 new players.

Cashin, Bielik***, Oduroh **, Knight *, Hourihane, Collins, Rooney, NML, Barks, Thommo, Wildsmith, Smith, Bird and Sibley.

The rest are all out of contract.
Loach and McGee seem fair enough for 3rd choice cum coach and 2nd choice respectively. McGee's FGR contract expires so he'd be on a free.
Fozzy has, IMO, earned at least another year.
Chester will be let go.
Roberts. His BHA contract expires this summer and the club has had a chat to see if he's like to stay. We could get him for compo unless he agrees a new deal with them but I think compo counts as a transfer fee so, unless the EFL relaxes the restrictions a little he'll probably be gone.
Stears and Davies won't get a new contract unless it's in a coaching role.
Springett and White will be off back to their parent clubs, as will Dobbin.

Then there's Didzy. Out of contract. I'd have him back in a heartbeat but there's every chance SBC clubs will be after him and can offer him way more than we can. PW is, apparently, already talking to him about an extension but we'll have to wait and see.

Probably need about 10 incoming to have a squad numerically strong enough to go on a L1 promotion push, if we're still in L1. Similar for midtable in the SBC.

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Either way I think we will have to be patient again next year. You can't build a squad on one year contracts. We will have to aim to be competitive and challenging but I think it is unrealistic to have expectations of success until we can start securing players on 2-3 yr contracts that allow a manager to build as opposed to firefight.

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I suggested a similar number in a previous thread, and that’s if we don’t lose the likes of Cash or Knight to a bid we can’t refuse. Don’t get the obsession with Bielik and don’t think it’s in either parties interest for him to be here. Guessing PWs plan was always to sign McGee at the end of his contract as back-up. Don’t see that Loach has done much wrong when he’s played and he can’t be on much, but it’s a wage that could go towards an area we need to strengthen so he might be let go. 

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