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Hello everyone,

I have recently written a book about my team Huddersfield Town which charts what happened next for each and every player that has ever played a game for the club. Where Are They Now is a comprehensive guide to what happened next for all the favourites over the years and also the least favourite ones!! 

I know that this is probably a niche thing but I know that there’s a lot of football fans out there that collect football books and their collections are not necessarily limited to the team that they support. There's a few former Derby players in the book and perhaps your favourite player is in the book too!

I thought I’d let you know of the book’s existence and if you’d like a copy the link is here; https://www.amazon.co.uk/Where-Are-They-Now-Huddersfield/dp/1912027607

Thanks for your time and if you manage to get a copy of the book, you won’t be disappointed!!

Good luck for the season


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Good luck pal, sounds interesting. I live in Leeds ? and know a good few HTFC fans. Part of the common bond is that you hate LUFC even more than we do. I'll mention the book to them.

My view on the current crop of ex Huddersfield Rams for what it's worth... Holmes - can be a great player and already first XI quality, could be a real breakthrough season if he stays fit. Malone - I quite like him, but he seems a bit marmite with our fan base. Gives 100% and defensively can play well, but I'm not sure if he's our best LB.

Good luck for the season, it looks like you might need it from how it's started. 

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