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I hate you XBox Live


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I signed up to XBox Live and put my card details on for automatic renewal. So it takes the money out each month automatically.

Now I can't stop it! It won't let me remove the card online. When I ring them up my credit gets rinsed. So I can't stop them taking the money out of my account even though I don't want XBL any more. I'm bored of the COD campers and the FIFA quitters. :frown:

XBox are making a mint from this. :mad:

I'll go into my bank tomorrow and ask them nicely if I can use their phone. ;)

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I managed to remove my card fine, if you'e got online banking you should also be able to cancel it from the direct debit section. Paying monthly is a rip off, loads cheaper.

Cheers I'll try and sort it online if I can't get through to the customer services.

Yeah buying the vouchers is cheaper by quite a bit.

My mate who got banned is still getting money taken out for that account. That's even more annoying!

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