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The F.A.


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This sham of an organisation are a disgrace.They spend an absolute fortune on Wembley then make the fans pay for it by having semi finals there,charging ridiculous amounts for tickets for England games against poor opposition.

The Wembley playing surface is shocking,which is hardly suprising when its hosting concerts,rugby,gridiron and whatever else will earn a quid.

As for their approach to kids football,that is so blind its unbelievable.Not allowing kids under 8 to play competitively is ridiculous.

The FA is an institution ran by dinosaurs and yes men,and is in need of a big shake up.

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FA Cup Final day Wembley Stadium Capacity 90,000

the finalists receive 30,000 tickets each i think

so the FA give away 30,000 tickets to whoever wants em sponsors etc

that is what really annoys me about the FA,how they have no regard for the real fans at all

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